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ZEN We're officially listed on #wikipedia! Translations to other languages coming soon     twitter.com
ENRG RT @TechCheckNN: Ericsson launches new IoT Accelerator Marketplace designed to spur massive Internet of Things adoption -     twitter.com
PINK RT @Elypse_Pink: $PINK: -fair launch -working product -no ICO -no Pre-mine -no pump groups -no manipulation -no shady practices -100% trans…    twitter.com
MNE RT @arteminetoken: #Artemine #ICOFactory to be released soon! Final tests on going. #news #Decentralized $ARTE #Et…    twitter.com
BNT Check out Bancor's new Product #roadmap showing major milestones through Q2 2019. We can't wait to build the future…    twitter.com
CNX* Swiss Stock exchange Chairman: E-Franc ‘Would be Good for the Economy’    twitter.com
ENRG RT @KanStockXchange: #StockNews $APPL $SSNLF Samsung launches the Galaxy S9 smartphone to take on Apple's iPhone X #tech #technology #sam…    twitter.com
REX We have two exciting events this week, so be sure to come out and watch us present. We're interested in meeting mor…    twitter.com
LSK Is this a new exchange LSK is on??    reddit.com
JOY Meet @JoyToken Team, and among other members - Mike Leys. Since 2005 he successfully launching a number of…    twitter.com
1hXLM Stellar now trading for Fiat (Rupee) on an Indian exchange    reddit.com
1hBURST RT @PoC_Consortium: The preliminary binary release of the current PoCC pool: for any pool operator to test. A fast,…    twitter.com
1hWGR Wagerr mainnet coin is not supported on any exchanges. Don’t forfeit your ability to cash out.    reddit.com
1hENRG RT @rtehrani: .@Huawei announces its first #5G chip for mobile devices: #3gpp #mwc18 #mwc #app #iphone #mobile #io…    twitter.com
1hENRG RT @ePowerpartners: With cleaner, cheaper #windpower from #Oklahoma, @AnheuserBusch leaps ahead in corporate #renewable #energy commitment.…    twitter.com
1hDENT What drives up the value if DENT on exchanges?    reddit.com
1hETH Vitalik said "... doing rescue forks in exceptional circumstances can be a great choice for nascent early-stage blockchains." In this context, do you think Ethereum is still "early-stage", and thus still a candidate for rescue forks?    reddit.com
1hSEND updated discord link: Use this link to enter our giveaway competition. See previous post f…    twitter.com
1hEDO RT @RobSkalawag: Eidoo Brings a Hybrid exchange and Multicurrency Wallet to the Cryptocurrency World $GLD $XAUUSD $TSLA $BARC $LYG $JPM $…    twitter.com
1hOMG Please note, any ongoing airdrop claims are fakes and scams. The OMG airdrop already happened and won't happen again. Be careful!    twitter.com
1hCFI RT @DataFundProject: #Datafund community update - “What we’ve been up to over the last two months”. #DataPrivacy #GDPR #DataProtection htt…    twitter.com
1hSYS You asked? We deliver! We are happy to announce that we will be doing a @reddit iAmA (Ask me anything) in 24H (tomo…    twitter.com
1hBCO announceMENT: $XVG @vergecurrency deposits and withdraws have been reopened.    twitter.com
1hADB RT @airdropalertcom: NEW UPCOMING airdrop     twitter.com
1hADB RT @whiteghost: airdrops this week: 4 Days left = Bitcoin Private (HF BTC) 4 Days left = Adbank 5 Days left = ONT (by NEO) 8 Days lef…    twitter.com
1hXTZ update your security(?)    reddit.com
2hIOTA Can we sticky the email exchange for a month?    reddit.com
2hPAC Breaking News: $PAC deemed A-Level project by leading #Chinese exchange @BitZexchange - Calling all #paccoin commun…    twitter.com
2hKCS Gatcoin(GAT) Gets listed On KuCoin!    reddit.com
2hPIRL $Pirl - News Hello community, earlier this month, we announced 2 more kinds of masternodes, which will not only e…    twitter.com
2hLDC* We’ve had some very exciting company updates in the past week. Take a look at the exciting news, in our recent…    twitter.com
2hSUB Sunday Morning update from Rockstar Dan    reddit.com
3hPOLY* RT @ChadCoin: Ok, @CryptoPanicCom @coindesk @newsbtc @CryptovestMedia it's time to write about #Polycon event where @PolymathNetwork will e…    twitter.com
3hXMY update to the #skein to #equihash algo swap from creator 8bitcoder in the Reddit comments. #xmy $xmy #myriad…    twitter.com
3hENRG RT @Cities_Today: A busy week is coming up! Get up to date with the upcoming #SmartCity events and #Mobility conferences →    twitter.com
3hLTC I cannot wait for Litepay launch tomorrow! How do you think it will affect ltc price in the short term? I think it might go sideways or drop a little but in the long run it will be very bullish if LITEPAY can get major adoption.    reddit.com
3hKIN Can partner creators directly reward content creators?    reddit.com
3hALIS Today's $ALIS activity! - Prepare release of new website - Announcing Ameteldam and San Francisco meetup - Create v…    twitter.com
3hCIX Eidoo Brings a Hybrid exchange and Multicurrency Wallet to the Cryptocurrency World    twitter.com
3hETC Do you think etc price will increase before the fork    reddit.com
3hEDO Eidoo Brings a Hybrid exchange and Multicurrency Wallet to the Cryptocurrency World    themerkle.com
4hPHR* WHITEPAPER updateD: The Phore Blockchain Whitepaper has been updated and posted to our new website. See what's new…    twitter.com
4hBCO $CURV is now trading on the #CryptoBridge Decentralized exchange!    twitter.com
4hETH Asia-Pacific Ethereum Community meetup [Casper;Sharding] [1:03:33] by Karl Floersch    reddit.com
4hBCD RT @CryptoCurrEncyX: Bitcoin Diamond [BCD] listed!    twitter.com
4hREM Tidex exchange have listed Remme    reddit.com
4hGNX RT @GenaroNetwork: @etherscan Please kindly update @GenaroNetwork #github address:    twitter.com
4hNAV Why it’s important to have more NAV/fiat exchanges    reddit.com
4hREM RT @Aurora_dao: $REM by @remme_io is now listed on #IDEX! #Ethereum #Crypto    twitter.com
5hKR RT @jarwidmark: TIP: You probably noticed that @troyhunt released a new password list, and Mr. @Robin_CM have a nice PowerShell script for…    twitter.com
5hQWARK RT @gordonutc: event Infinitum flame #Qwark $Qwark #Infinitumflame    twitter.com
5hNEO Bitsnapp - Cryptocurrency portfolio app for Android | Multi-exchange APIs and NEO address tracking    reddit.com
5hXRP When XRP becomes 'scarce' can someone fork XRP2 and use it on the Ripple Network in place of the original XRP?    reddit.com
5hXRB I'm a partnered variety Twitch streamer who is also very excited to see where we can take Nano! :)    reddit.com
5hPOE Bitsnapp - Cryptocurrency portfolio app for Android | Multi-exchange APIs and Po.et address tracking    reddit.com
5hETN To those that bash on Electronuem for not doing enough...Be grateful that the ETN team communicates, updates on social media, has a large following and has strategic plans in mind compared to all the other coins that have failed as this article states.    reddit.com
5hETC Which exchanges are supporting airdrop? Any idea? Any official description?    reddit.com
5hELF New to Aelf, how significant is the Asset Chain launch?    reddit.com
5hPRE NAGA announces Start of Pre-Registration of the NAGA Debit Card    coinidol.com
5hXEM If you're in or will be around the Brisbane area this week, join #TravelbyBit for a NEM-focused meetup! They will…    twitter.com
5hETC Callisto airdrop will come earlier (around March 2nd or before) so be ready !!!    reddit.com
5hGUP A huge thank you to #matchpool_korea for organizing such a great event yesterday and to the community for the great…    twitter.com
6hETH Article: airdrops Explained    reddit.com
6hXMR best exchange to get your monero from?    reddit.com
6hXRP A new exchange starts on thursday. Register now and be the first trader    reddit.com
6hVEN Will be at the Vechain Thor event tomorrow!    reddit.com
6hBNT Prevent Pump and Dumps with Bancor:    twitter.com
6hRDN [GIT] Weekly update 6    reddit.com
6hIOTA Volkswagen Sees Huge Potential in IOTA - Bosch conference, Berlin    reddit.com
6hALIS Beste #Nederlanders, Met trots delen wij mee dat wij op 8 Maart een #meetup organiseren in Amsterdam! Masahiro zal…    twitter.com
6hSUB Substratum Atomic Swap Use Case In Collaboration With Particl And Altcoin.io exchange    reddit.com
6hQSP Any update on Full node requirements    reddit.com
6hETN Do you think that TradeOgre exchange did right, when they unofficially listed ETN?    reddit.com
6hENRG RT @ehooge: Sidewalk Toronto recently released its public engagement plan for this #smartcity project: It’s still a problematic governance…    twitter.com
6hZSC Jack Ji and Taylor Monahan at Blockchain Beach conference.    twitter.com
6hR Our CEO, Rinat Arslanov has met with a @BITMAINtech team and negotiated about a possible partnership. They've agree…    twitter.com
6hCCRB Our mission is to make CCRB the most usable cryptocurrency in the world...which is why we have partnered with innov…    twitter.com
6hETC Callisto airdrop, how to do this properly?    reddit.com
7hAGI Our partner Hackens's 2018 Winter Report    reddit.com
7hEMC2 Bitsnapp - Cryptocurrency portfolio app for Android | Multi-exchange APIs and EMC2 address tracking    reddit.com
7hZCL Anyone notice the sheer amount of people upset about this fork ?    reddit.com
7hDOGE Just made a tramsaction of 500 dogecoin with 0 dogecoin transaction fee :) (IMPORTANT announceMENT)    reddit.com
7hWAVES Can I send Waves to exchange platform    reddit.com
7hEOS EOS Telegram Summary 2/24/18 - There is No EOS airdrop    reddit.com
7hING Only three days left ⏳ before #HODL ($ING) society registration closes!!! Grab your #tokens on #Kucoin #exchange an…    twitter.com
7hEQUI Check out our latest updates. Thanks you to the #EQUI community for the feedback and making this a great project.    twitter.com
8hDASH PRE-PROPOSAL: "DO WE NEED DASH conferenceS IN THE CIS?"    reddit.com
8hBTC Coinbase announced SegWit Support as Bitcoin Transactions Fees Drop Majorly    cryptovest.com
8hLUX We need to get listed on a trustworthy exchange    reddit.com
8hLUN Lunyr (LUN) Back in Orbit After New Dev update Edges it Over the $30 Mark    cryptovest.com
8hTIME Sunday TIMEs Issue #19 19 February — 25 February 2018 Welcome to the Issue #19 of Sunday TIMEs: ChronoBank’s voting process explanation, XMIN airdrop, LaborX sidechain description, new White Paper, partnership with @dbrainio, TIME price update. #ChronoBan    reddit.com
8hMOT Live from #AEMP: @Kaichen_OL showcased our beta app at the meetup today to the crowd. You may download your beta ap…    twitter.com
8hLYK Want to connect with #Loyakk on #Facebook? Check out our #FacebookPage for even more updates on #Blockchain here:…    twitter.com
8hZCL Supporting the fork AFTER the fork...    reddit.com
8hZIL We are aware of forms/sites claiming to be conducting a Zilliqa airdrop. Please note that these are not official an…    twitter.com
9hXTZ Tezos $1000 At the release?    reddit.com
9hKCS Email System update    reddit.com
9hXWC Because sites like Coinmarketcap & Coingecko don't list all our exchanges (especially the ones based in Asia) $XWC…    twitter.com
9hIOST RT @jimmyzhong_iost: Heading to Korea tmr to talk to multiple big exchanges     twitter.com
9hXWC News update!: Whitecoin Staking Weight Chart #whitecoin #xwc $xwc    twitter.com