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0x Latest News:

5h How Do Ethereum Smart Contracts Work For Decentralized Exchanges?    reddit.com
12h DDEX Launches Close Beta API !!!!!!!    reddit.com
15h [0xproject Daily Discussion] March 24, 2018    reddit.com
23h Looking forward to the Fluidity Summit in Brooklyn! @abandeali1 and @aqxu from 0x will be attending, come say hi an…    twitter.com
1d 1h I have the link to the order of 100 QBIT online on our site. We will see if our developers or users like 0xProject. I love it!    reddit.com
1d 3h Mar 23 2018 Crypto Market Report - Contains 0x    reddit.com
1d 4h How can I sell and buy "QBIT"-ERC20 token via 0x protocol. Our developers need a solution!    reddit.com
1d 6h Sneak Peek: 0x Trade Widget    reddit.com
1d 6h Sneak Peak: 0x Trade Widget! ⌛️1-click instant purchases     twitter.com
1d 7h Ethfinex, 0x project, Request Network and others to cooperate with Auctus on lab initiative    themerkle.com
1d 9h Advertise 0x on my website!    reddit.com
1d 15h [0xproject Daily Discussion] March 23, 2018    reddit.com
1d 20h The @ERCdEX team consistently ships     twitter.com
1d 22h ERC dEX Development Update #2 - Relay UI/UX Improvements    reddit.com
2d 3h AirSwap just announced Fluidity Summit featuring 0x    reddit.com
2d 3h Easily Track Your Favourite Ethereum Tokens With CryptoSheets    reddit.com
2d 10h Great Read from Lendroid on Utility Token Value    reddit.com
2d 11h Our Wordpress Plugin With 0x Widgets (And All Crypto Assets)    reddit.com
2d 15h [0xproject Daily Discussion] March 22, 2018    reddit.com
2d 21h Comparing the different DEX tokens    reddit.com
3d 5h HOTTEST AIRDROPS - BOOKMARK IT!    reddit.com
3d 6h 0x community member, Hoonil Kim, explaining the need for DEX and the off-chain orderbook architecture of 0x on Sout…    twitter.com
3d 15h [0xproject Daily Discussion] March 21, 2018    reddit.com
3d 18h An Attempt At ZRX Tokens Valuation    reddit.com
3d 20h Komodo (KMD) VS. 0X (ZRX)    reddit.com
4d 2h Check out @ethmoji: an interesting combination of NFTs (ERC721) and blockchain identity     twitter.com
4d 5h Introducing the Decentraland Marketplace - Decentraland    reddit.com
4d 8h Delta adds Radar Relay for all its Currencies & Pairs    reddit.com
4d 15h [0xproject Daily Discussion] March 20, 2018    reddit.com
4d 21h ...and it doesn't end there! We're also thrilled to announce the addition of Zack Skelly to lead our recruiting eff…    twitter.com

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