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  • 16 Mar 2018 — 24 Nov 2017


Zoin (ZOI): Network Fork  16 Mar 2018  (published 7 days ago)

Network Fork will occur on block 261500. Zoinode activation will take place on block 262100 (on 16th March, 2018).
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Zoin (ZOI): New Wallets Release + Fork  24 Nov 2017  (published 3 months 26 days ago)

The release of new wallets will happen in tandem with a fork/network update!
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3d 3h New article about Zoin    reddit.com
3d 6h Zoin Masternodes Are Now Live!    reddit.com
3d 6h #ZOINODE LAUNCH     twitter.com
3d 11h Less than 100 blocks until Zoinode launch/HF!    reddit.com
3d 12h 100 blocks until #Zoinode launch/HF! Make sure to update to #Zoin wallet version 13.1.4 $ZOI #Masternode #privacycoin #zerocoin    twitter.com
4d 7h Less than 24H until Zoinode HF at block 261500! Zoinode Setup Guide Now Available!    reddit.com
4d 9h Less than 24H away from #zoinode HF block 261500! Zoinode Setup Guide is Now Available! #Zoin #masternode $ZOI    twitter.com
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5d 13h #ZOIN WEB and #TOR wallet are fully updated to version 13.1.4 $ZOI    twitter.com
5d 17h #Zoin web & #tor wallets will be updated at 9 PM CET tonight! There will be a minor downtime. $ZOI    twitter.com
5d 17h REMINDER - Mandatory upgrade, Zerocoin parameters will change!    reddit.com
5d 17h Upgrade of WEB & TOR wallet tonight 9pm CET!    reddit.com
5d 18h #ZOIN REMINDER $ZOI #ZEROCOIN    twitter.com
6d 11h ZEROCOIN - USE ONLY WITH LATEST VERSION 13.1.4    reddit.com
6d 11h Make sure to upgrade to Zoin wallet 13.1.4 if you want to use Zerocoin    reddit.com
6d 11h Make sure to upgrade to #Zoin wallet 13.1.4 if you want to use #zerocoin After the #Zoinode HF at block 262100 (F…    twitter.com

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