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  • 2 Feb 2018 — 7 Dec 2017


ZCoin (XZC): Developer Meetup in Bangkok   2 Feb 2018  (published 1 month 26 days ago)

Meetup with Zcoin's development team in FYI Center, Bangkok on the 2nd February.
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ZCoin (XZC): Hard Fork  23 Dec 2017  (published 3 months ago)

A hard fork will happen on block 66550 and Znode payouts will begin on block 66700
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ZCoin (XZC): Znodes Release and Founders’ Rewards Reduction  7 Dec 2017  (published 3 months 16 days ago)

We are happy to make two very important announcements, the release of the details of Znodes and a reduction in Founders’ rewards!
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