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  • 10 Dec 2017


WhiteCoin (XWC): Whitecoin Summit in China  10 Dec 2017  (published 2 months 11 days ago)

The summit will be an opportunity for our long standing development team to meet face to face with both the new emerging Chinese development team and Whitecoin supporters in China.
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WhiteCoin Latest News:

2d 22h XWC added to the Cheddur App    reddit.com
2d 22h RT @CheddurTeam: We added @WhiteCoiner $XWC to the @CheddurApp! #WhiteCoin is a #decentralized global #blockchain with a focus on cybersecu…    twitter.com
3d WhiteCoin was just added to the Cheddur app!    reddit.com
4d 20h RT @StakeBox: The @WhiteCoiner StakeBox and pre-programmed SD cards are now available for pre-order in our store. Get 'em while they're hot…    twitter.com
5d 12h WhiteCoin was added to daily Crypto Listings on Exchanges    reddit.com
5d 16h News update!: Trade Whitecoin on CoinSwitch! #whitecoin #xwc $xwc $btc #btc #bitcoin #altcoins @Coinswitch    twitter.com
5d 20h RT @XWCMiner: Happy Chinese New Year!    twitter.com
10d 3h RT @AmericanBanking: $XWC - WhiteCoin Hits 24 Hour Volume of $126,026.00 #XWC    twitter.com
10d 5h Whitecoin is pleased to announce Erik 'deninchicken' is joining the development team    reddit.com
10d 5h News update!: Whitecoin is pleased to announce Erik #whitecoin #xwc $xwc $btc #btc #bitcoin #altcoins    twitter.com
11d 16h WhiteNode Miners for PoS staking are now shipping globally for 499 XWC!    reddit.com
11d 16h The XWCMiner is now available for global order!! Stake your $XWC on one of these beauties 24 hours a day using unde…    twitter.com
12d 1h Whitecoin is listed on Shuzibi! With a 100000 XWC reward system !    reddit.com
12d 14h News update !: Whitecoin is listed on Shuzibi! With a 100000 XWC reward system ! #whitecoin #xwc $xwc #btc #bitcoin    twitter.com
14d 5h WhiteCoin (XWC) Announcements for the last 7 days    reddit.com
14d 20h Whitecoin to be listed on Funcoin Today!    reddit.com
14d 20h News update!: Whitecoin to be listed on Funcoin Today! #whitecoin #xwc $xwc $btc #altcoins @Funcoin001    twitter.com
16d 17h Wow! 70% of total coin supply being staked today! Unbelievable level of HODL    reddit.com
16d 17h Wow! $XWC owners are real HODLers... 173M of the 248M coin supply is currently being staked (plus the amount curren…    twitter.com
19d 20h XWCMiners Are looking good and shipping out! International orders are almost ready (just some translations to be do…    twitter.com
20d 15h Vote for WhiteCoin to get listed in FatBTC    reddit.com
23d 19h Whitenode Setup Guide    reddit.com
23d 19h News update!: Whitenode Setup Guide #whitecoin #xwc $xwc $btc #btc #bitcoin #altcoins    twitter.com
23d 19h Whitecoin Wallet 2.3.1 Release    reddit.com
23d 19h News update!: Wallet 2.3.1 Release #whitecoin #xwc $xwc $btc #btc #bitcoin #altcoins    twitter.com
26d 6h RT @bravenewcoin: Secure AND energy efficient, @WhiteCoiner uses PoW to distribute coins & PoS to generate them htt…    twitter.com
29d 18h XWC Miner - Whitenode    reddit.com
29d 18h News update!: XWC Miner – Whitenode #whitecoin #xwc $xwc $btc #btc #bitcoin #altcoins    twitter.com
1m 1d 1h Does WhiteOS have any effect on location?    reddit.com
1m 2d 4h Whitecoin (WC)    reddit.com

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