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  • 19 Feb 2018 — 5 Feb 2018


Verge (XVG): Video Q&A with Justin Vendetta  19 Feb 2018  (published 8 days ago)

Justin Vendetta will answer community questions on video on 19th February, 2018.
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Verge (XVG): Q&A on YouTube  5 Feb 2018  (published 30 days ago)

Second Verge YouTube Q&A on Monday 5th February, 2018.
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Verge Latest News:

This gives me hope and at the same time takes it away
3h XVG Why so quiet / slowwww
4h Verge Bots At Work !
5h Congrats #Vergefam! We have been listed on @bitindia_co $XVG #Verge
6h Feb 20 2018 Important Crypto News
6h Why are we so low still when BTC is recovering?
9h No activity in Verge github repo since the end of year
10h VERGE shortlisted for BitIndia !!
12h Favorite Coin/Token Poll
13h Help: Transfers out of Electrum-XVG keep failing with network disconnects
13h Verge QT Wallet for Windows x64 not synching
16h Mining "Setup" XVG "Help"
19h Is Verge Better than Monero and Dash? If yes, then why isn't it being adopted by those markets?
21h Verge Q&A #3
21h #Vergefam, here is the Verge Q&A #3 with Verge Developer @justinvendetta! $xvg #Verge #VergeQ
23h 12x1080 ti x17 hashrate 58 mh/s
1d 3h Like to liquidate 529 college fund worth roughly 45k to buy more XVG
1d 6h XVG with a jump in social mentions yesterday, two important themes discussed on February 17th obtained with NLP analysis - accepted, payments, tokenpay and megaxstore. news on Vergecurrency well received.
1d 6h RingCT - For Monero but XVG is implementing soon. Good general knowledge if you aren't familiar
1d 7h I've been making wallpapers for my favorite currencies and communities lately, here are mine of Verge, enjoy!
1d 10h Upcoming Event: Q&A With Justin Vendetta - February 19, 2018 [Possible Date]
1d 10h Upcoming Event: Verge Community AMA - February 19, 2018
1d 10h ISSUE: Transaction made through Binance not showing up on Wallet.
1d 11h Ranked 25th, +42% in 7 days, $1.1Billion Market Cap - XVG on the rise!
1d 12h Is there any chance to store Verge on a hardware wallet?
1d 13h Verge audit status?
1d 13h Results voting on Bitindia
1d 14h VERGE: Now over 1.1 billion in marketcap and in the top 25 coins for biggest marketcap. GO Verge.
1d 14h Verge: the Cryptocurrency of Anonymity
1d 16h Verge wallet V4 sync issues

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