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15d 22h RT @KeemBeats: ---> @_altmarket @LinkMediaLLC @taoblockchain @TheBoogieShack @BryceWeiner <---- we're building something special and these…    twitter.com
15d 22h RT @LinkMediaLLC: "ICO Rules Everything Around Me" – Rap Comes to the Blockchain via @icoexaminer    twitter.com
16d RT @DirtyBastardJr: @isskewl @taoblockchain @methodman Lol I'm on point bro    twitter.com
16d RT @isskewl: Ol' Dirty Bastard's son @DirtyBastardJr launching $ODB #ICO on @taoblockchain. If he can get @methodman as an advisor, I'm in.…    twitter.com
16d 11h RT @BryceWeiner: Are you ready for the mainstream? #blockchain #cryptocurrency    twitter.com
16d 12h RT @ekhornung: Wu Tang Financial    twitter.com
16d 12h RT @jehunter5811: We should all buy this for the token symbol alone. $ODB    twitter.com
16d 12h RT @LTESKNCRYPTOGOD: “Wu-Tang Forever” just became “Immutable Wu-Tang” $ODB #ODB $BTC #BTC    twitter.com
16d 12h RT @coindesk: Wu-Tang Clan Rapper's Son Is Launching a Cryptocurrency    twitter.com
16d 12h RT @BryceWeiner: ODB - Baby, I got your money $XTO $ODB    twitter.com
16d 12h RT @BryceWeiner: Welcome to the party, YDB. $XTO    twitter.com
16d 12h RT @John_Chron: @joonian @taoblockchain and @_altmarket is literally the future of the music industry.    twitter.com
16d 12h RT @WuTangClan: PEACE.    twitter.com
16d 12h RT @joonian: Mhmm...    twitter.com
16d 12h RT @LinkMediaLLC: Ol' Dirty Bastard Estate, Link Media Launch ODB-Themed Cryptocurrency 'Dirty Coin' via @billboard    twitter.com
16d 13h Here Comes Dirty Coin! $XTO    twitter.com
16d 13h Wu-Tang rapper’s son is launching a cryptocurrency $XTO    twitter.com
16d 13h Ol’ Dirty Bastard Estafe launch ODB-themed “Dirty Coin”    twitter.com
16d 13h Cryptocurrency Venture Announced by Estate of Ol’ Dirty Bastard $XTO    twitter.com
18d 5h RT @KingDevon11: @taoblockchain @BryceWeiner $XTO just killing it lately! Trading and staking in decent volume at @BTCPOPCO recently as wel…    twitter.com
18d 5h RT @JohnNejamin: Get Ready. @BryceWeiner is as crazy as he sounds. $XTO    twitter.com
18d 5h RT @BryceWeiner: Another thing which makes $XTO unique is our off-chain incentives. ... like providing opportunities to 100k XTO holders t…    twitter.com
23d 6h RT @CryptoErnesta: @NTmoney I can think one project that might fit in the middle... paging @BryceWeiner @taoblockchain @_altmarket https://…    twitter.com
23d 6h RT @TransylvaniaBTC: Cryptos categorized as Intellectual property registration #poe $poe #ink $ink #pst $pst #xto $xto #loci $loci #prix $…    twitter.com
1m 9h Wallet is now available! #blockchain #fintech $XTO    twitter.com
1m 7d 23h RT @BryceWeiner: “Your website sucks.” “Your BCT thread is horrible.” “It takes forever to get into your Slack.” But filing with the SEC w…    twitter.com
1m 7d 23h RT @mahkhentseeez: @taoblockchain Don’t know how to stake $XTO ? Just deposit at @btcpopco and receive staking rewards automatically. https…    twitter.com
1m 29d 9h RT @BryceWeiner: $XTO and @_altmarket is the biggest project you’ve never heard of.     twitter.com
2m 4d 4h Tao $XTO has been added! @taoblockchain    twitter.com
2m 25d 23h #NewProfilePicpic.twitter.com/xjQcfLgXPy    twitter.com

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