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0.00008758 BTC

Capitalization: $16935127




PrimeCoin Latest News:

17d 15h Join Us! Primecoin-fork Datacoin is on the rise
1m 6d 9h Just found my old wallet. Balance is increasing as network is updated?
1m 16d 1h Auto Primecoin faucets and more!
1m 21d 18h Is Primecoin a Good Investment?
2m 4d 2h Smart contract built upon on Primecoin
2m 14d 4h Coins won't mature (Mining help)
2m 18d 17h What's the best part of Primecoin?
2m 22d 5h mining error
11m 19d 19h @Primecoin has increased by 100% in 24h
6m 1d 2h people always think i'm joking when I say "ethereum was originally going to be built on top of @primecoin"
6m 13d 8h Primecoin $XPM $0.083172 (+21.86%) 0.00013375 $BTC (+22.63%) Market Cap $1,330,275
6m 13d 10h Primecoin $XPM $0.078689 (+14.69%) 0.00012644 $BTC (+15.69%) Market Cap $1,258,482
6m 13d 22h Research coins explode! @FoldingCoin @CureCoin_Team @GridcoinNetwork #cryptocurrency @Primecoin #math #science
7m 4d 18h My article explaining #cryptocurrencies is here. @ethereumproject @bitcoincoreorg @primecoin #bitcoin #blockchain
7m 10d 20h @primecoin I can't stop thinking about you my #1 #cryptocurrency ATM for purpose, long term viability and stability. #primecoin
8m 10d 15h Happy 3rd birthday to @Primecoin $xpm ! #altsareback
8m 10d 15h been working so hard on mining ops; forgot XPM's birthday. i'm a terrible person - happy 3rd birthday @primecoin !!
8m 12d 9h It's @Primecoin's 3rd birthday! #happybotday
9m 1d 4h So uh, it's time for a @primecoin comeback right folks? :D #PrimesAreCool #UsefulMining #WhyUseAnythingElse
9m 4d 10h Primecoin $XPM $ 0.113664 (+31.20 %) 0.00015104 $BTC (+29.59 %) Market Cap ~ $ 1,697,852
9m 4d 11h Primecoin $XPM $ 0.109249 ( +26.39 %) 0.00014519 $BTC (+25.22 %) Market Cap ~ $ 1,631,839
9m 4d 14h Primecoin $XPM $ 0.101661 (+23.27 %) 0.00013481 $BTC (+20.35 %) Market Cap ~ $ 1,518,296
9m 9d 8h Primecoin Market Capitalization over $1.5M at the end of 1st half 2016? tnx
9m 25d 18h Numeric Methods s/o @Primecoin
10m 2d 14h whatever you do @gdax don't list primecoin.. shouldn't support science! only alt-network with intrinsic value should be ignored.
10m 8d 12h "That's a nice collection of prime numbers you got there. Be a shame if somebody started adding ones to 'em, making em... evenly divisible."
10m 9d 10h actually, primecoin has broken, and maintains several world records. also, only currency that has intrinsic value.

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