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  • 17 Mar 2018


Infinity Economics (XIN): Meetup In Stuttgart  17 Mar 2018  (published 7 days ago)

Infinity Economics Blockchain meetup will be held in Stuttgart on 17th March, 2018.
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Infinity Economics Latest News:

6h ❗️❗️CORE-UPDATE ❗️❗️ We have exciting News the #CoreUpdate with #FeatureRoadmap is available
1m 9d 5h RT @bitindia_co: Infinity Economics selected for Round 2 of Community Coin Voting at Bitindia Support @XIN_Community by voting at https://…
1m 14d 7h We have the chance to be selected as one of the 5 coins at the "Community Coins Voting" of the new crypto exchange…
1m 16d 1h RT @bitindia_co: Session One of “Community Coins Voting” is now live Vote for your favourite coin to be listed on Bitindia:
1m 16d 23h RT @CoinWinEx: You can make Commission-Free XIN/BTC transactions until Monday! #InfinityEconomics #Infinitycoin #…
2m 20d 23h Happy New Year!
2m 27d 1h Due to DDoS-Attacks our browser wallet is not available at the moment. We are already restoring the full functionality Nevertheless, our wallet can be downloaded and used at any time:
2m 28d 22h We Wish You A Merry Xmas! We're looking forward to a successful 2018! Are you already a part of our telegram chat groups? English: German:
2m 30d 23h You can test now our automatic transactions (AT - smart contracts) in Testnet. More informations you can find in our community forum.
3m 11d 3h Yesterday the team from OptimusWay show us their new App, which you can use our Infinity Economics Wallet on Smartphones. At the moment this App is only available on android devices. iOS will follow, there apple is checking the app.
3m 13d 22h Live-Stream about a new project on Saturday 09. December 2017 at 15:45 CET. You can watch the stream on our facebook page or on our community forum
3m 23d 17h At the moment we are distribute the InfinityDAO Asset on mainnet.
4m 11d 21h The last tickets are available on For all other interested persons we will stream the conference in different languages on facebook:
4m 16d 22h The presale has started. Get a ticket for the 11th of November at Zurich Airport here: You can pay with your XIN.
4m 20d 22h XIN is also listed on @Bitscreener and @CoinMKTCap. We are in contact with those, to add also the circulating supply as soon as possible.
4m 25d Infinity Economics Blockchain Conference 2017 on November 11th at Zürich-Airport. More Informations on the pictures, details will
5m 9d 8h The is now also listed by Coinmarketcap, we are now in communication about the circulation supply with Coinmarketcap
5m 18d 10h
5m 23d 10h XIN ist nun bei Coingather gelistet
5m 23d 11h XIN IS LIVE!!!! Huge performance update as well. Enjoy folks!
6m 17d 18h The faulty wallets can still be corrected by September 10th. All information are here in our community forum:
6m 17d 18h Die Fehlerhaften Wallets können noch bis zum 10. September korrigiert werden. Alle Infos dazu und in welchen...
6m 23d 9h Our new website is now online. It can be found at and later also on our main domain.
6m 23d 9h Unsere neue Webseite ist ab sofort online. Zu finden unter und später auch über unsere Hauptdomain.
6m 23d 18h Infinity Economics

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