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  • 25 Mar 2018 — 22 Jan 2018


NEM (XEM): NEM 101 Meetup In Dubai  25 Mar 2018  (published 1 month ago)

NEM 101 meetup will be held in Dubai on 25th March, 2018.
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NEM (XEM): NEM Workshop In Jakarta  22 Mar 2018  (published 1 month 1 day ago)

NEM will host a workshop event "The Smart Asset Blockchain" in Jakarta on 22 March, 2018.
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NEM (XEM): Meetup In Pune  14 Mar 2018  (published 1 month 11 days ago)

NEM community meetup in Pune, India will held on 14th March, 2018.
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NEM (XEM): Meetup In Ukraine  25 Feb 2018  (published 1 month 27 days ago)

NEM meetup in Kyiv scheduled on 25th of February, 2018.
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NEM (XEM): Meetup In Venezuela  22 Feb 2018  (published 2 months 7 days ago)

NEM is hosting event in Venezuela on 22nd February, 2018, to learn more about NEM blockchain technology.
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NEM (XEM): NEM Meetup in Colombia  15 Feb 2018  (published 2 months 9 days ago)

The NEM Foundation will expand its network across Latin America through SynergyCryptoAdviser. The first meetup will take place in Bogotá, Colombia on 15th February, 2018.
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NEM (XEM): Blockchain Congress in Chicago  9 Feb 2018  (published 2 months 14 days ago)

Vice President of the NEM Foundation, Jeff McDonald, will be speaking at International Blockchain Congress in Chicago on 9th February, 2018.
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NEM (XEM): Hackaton Judging  1 Feb 2018  (published 2 months 21 days ago)

NEM Hackaton judging and community voting phase will start on February the 1st, and end on February the 15th.
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NEM (XEM): Meetup in Tokyo   25 Jan 2018  (published 2 months 28 days ago)

Nem Development Tokyo Meetup on 25th January (19:30 - 22:00)
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NEM (XEM): Blockchain Use Case Presentation  22 Jan 2018  (published 4 months 20 days ago)

Special blockchain use case presentation on BlockGrain and LocationCore on NEM in Melbourne
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