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Elastic Latest News:

2m 16h Dear XEL community, Elastic Project appreciates your patience, enthusiasm and supportive attitude. We don't get to witness this kind of tech evolution everyday and it will be well worth the wait! Much good things are in store for XEL in 2018. We wish you    twitter.com
2m 26d 23h Please note, our website has moved to a new dedicated server and is currently under redesign. Stay tuned!    twitter.com
3m 24d 22h 3/3 Elastic will strive to create meaningful collaborations with real value, and these will be announced when relevant in due time.    twitter.com
3m 24d 22h 2/3 An attempt to create such pretense was made by a member of the community. It is imperative this false impression is corrected.    twitter.com
3m 24d 22h Divided message: 1/3 Dear Elastic followers, It is essential to make clear that Elastic has no affiliation with @GoldenSmophy.    twitter.com
3m 29d 18h Short dev update has been given today by coralreefer (xel_miner dev) - to stay up-to-date track GitHub or join us at     twitter.com
4m 6h $XEL listed on Korean exchange #UPBIT @UPbitExchange    twitter.com
4m 8d 12h A workflow diagram that I have been working on for #elastic #XEL #supercomputer #crypto #bitcoin $XEL $BTCpic.twitter.com/lTJsUuealm    twitter.com
4m 9d 13h Always nice to see contributions to push XEL further. @rajbandi for his ElasticSharp, if you can do C# you can help.    twitter.com
4m 12d 22h Learn more about #Elastic - promotional video uploaded. $XEL #XEL    twitter.com
4m 13d 4h Slack registration is now fixed #elastic $XEL #XEL    twitter.com
4m 20d 18h we have been quiet lately. Not much to write, only that you can be sure #Elastic devs tend to deliver state of the art platform. #XEL $XEL    twitter.com
5m 14d 2h for people in doubt about $XEL , this is how last years July #Elastic testnet working prototype looked like. #DYOR #supercomputer @Poloniexpic.twitter.com/nIKSgEG2WQ    twitter.com
5m 26d 19h Community stats - 3302 Twitter Followers - 1077 Slack members - 434 Reddit members - 356 Telegram members wow, Thank you! Stay #Elasticpic.twitter.com/0WWtdVXmfT    twitter.com
6m 3d 18h 1 day ago "ToothFairy" did - 430 additions and 82 deletions to #Elastic $XEL code and results are looking good. #XELpic.twitter.com/7mSAfSWuIf    twitter.com
6m 4d 3h Track and follow #Elastic $XEL code development. Links to all #XEL @github repos can be found here    twitter.com
6m 10d 16h $XEL community has it's own telegram group, it could get #Elastic    twitter.com
6m 10d 16h Video tutorial how to: Install #Elastic $XEL Node on Raspberry Pi #Java    twitter.com
6m 20d 9h History Of #Elastic Coin $XEL (2016) - video series uploaded, don't forget to subscribe to our #YouTube channel.    twitter.com
6m 22d 5h OUR OFFICIAL REDDIT - PLEASE USE IT    reddit.com
6m 27d 17h How does #Elastic $XEL SuperComputer compare to similar concepts like #ethereum #gridcoin #zennet #voltcoin #golem     twitter.com

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