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CounterParty Latest News:

1h Bittrex counterparty tokens currently disabled    reddit.com
2d 16h XCP DEX Markets now available on xchain.io    reddit.com
2d 20h RT @XChain_io: Happy to announce the release of the 'Markets' interface to #Counterparty users can now easily see…    twitter.com
3d 21h Preliminary Lightning Support for CounterParty.io:    reddit.com
4d 13h Counterparty Cash Announces ERC20 Competitor with Edge Wallet Support for Tokens    news.bitcoin.com
4d 13h Counterparty Cash Announces Support for Token Assets    news.bitcoin.com
5d 2h Whats up with the counterparty hard fork?    reddit.com
5d 4h Join the @CounterpartyXCP Telegram chat: #Blockchain $XCP    twitter.com
5d 16h A Beginner’s Guide to Counterparty    themerkle.com
5d 19h /u/dexX7 suggests Segwit-style SPV support for Counterparty    reddit.com
6d 18h RT @theog__: “Blockchain and Art — FOMO or Fu*k that shit?” — @theog__    twitter.com
6d 22h Upcoming Event: Protocol Launch - February 18, 2018 [Unconfirmed]    reddit.com
7d 17h The ORIG & OBITER ICO: Applications of Expert Systems    reddit.com
8d 20h Upcoming Event: Counterparty (XCP) CIP 10 – MPMA - February 15, 2018    reddit.com
9d 20h RT @dionysus64: Marty, 39 y/o PepeCashMillionaire: "I want the money to come to me!"     twitter.com
10d Upcoming Event: Counterparty (XCP) (CIP6) P2SH Data Encoding - February 15, 2018    reddit.com
10d 10h RT @whalepool: Longtime Whalepool member Marty @dionysus64 has a whole @vicenews article written about him where he discusses wealth, race,…    twitter.com
10d 23h RT @AOTB_PODCAST:    twitter.com
11d 19h Amazing update!    twitter.com
13d 15h It's been over a month. fix the problem now poloniex    reddit.com
13d 16h Release v0.9.6 of FreeWallet Desktop wallet    reddit.com
13d 17h RT @FreeWallet_io: Happy to announce the release of version 0.9.6 of FreeWallet Desktop wallet for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. This vers…    twitter.com
18d XCP, fees and other questions    reddit.com
19d 22h The Telegram channel for the ORIG token is now open at    reddit.com
20d 3h Redeem btc dust outputs - while currently btc fees are low    reddit.com
20d 22h RT @SpacePirate_io: A mysterious stranger is often seen lurking in the ice crevasses on Barada... are they in search of the lost vault? Fin…    twitter.com
21d 14h RT @bitcorncrops: The initial CROPS crowd sale is over and sold out! History of the event can be viewed here: #bit…    twitter.com
21d 18h RT @bitsonlinecom: I’m Just a Simple Blockchain Farmer, Tending to My Bitcorn Crops.-- #bitcoin #XCP #Bitcorn #news @CounterpartyXCP @bitco…    twitter.com
22d 3h Incredibly Well Written Account of the Problems With Bitcoin, Why Ethereum Exists, What Happened to Counterparty, and the Future of Crypto Going Forward in a Series of 5 Brilliant Posts (From a Decred User)    reddit.com
22d 23h The logo for the ORIG token (www.LegalMachinery.com)    reddit.com

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