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1d 21h RT @wavesplatform: Waves Client Beta online version and desktop versions (Win, Mac, Linux) are updated! Many things were fixed in the inter…    twitter.com
1d 21h RT @wavesplatform: Attention! We changed the venue where the Amsterdam meetup will take place: we'll be happy to meet you in Primalbase cow…    twitter.com
2d 22h RT @wavesplatform: "Why more ICOs are choosing to create their tokens on the WAVES": #WavesPlatform #WavesICO #ICO…    twitter.com
3d 3h RT @wavesplatform: One of our next meetups will take place in Amsterdam. Come to "A Lab" on 6th of March and meet our team. We have quite a…    twitter.com
3d 19h Payment 43 @Wavesnode.NET: 127.7 $Waves & 89840 $WNET & 220.42 Mercury & 190.19 OCL sent to our lessors. Check…    twitter.com
4d 4h RT @jansen_marc: Yet another article describing the potential of the #WavesPlatform     twitter.com
4d 15h RT @wavesplatform: If you are somewhere not far from Berlin, then come to see us at our meetup on 5 March: #WavesP…    twitter.com
4d 15h RT @WavesEvangelist: Ilya Smagin, who currently leads the development of @wavesplatform #smartcontracts and took key part in the implementa…    twitter.com
5d 3h RT @KarlKarlsson_: FINMA, the Swiss equivalent of the SEC, released ICO guidelines today - they continue to be open-minded and supportive a…    twitter.com
6d 17h RT @KarlKarlsson_: Excellent must-read about $WAVES. @sasha35625 explains the full scope of #Waves as a platform - much broader than you mi…    twitter.com
6d 20h RT @wavesplatform: Waves Ecosystem is constantly developing, we're adding more entities and here's a detailed look at it now ->    twitter.com
6d 23h RT @wavesplatform: Five more crypto gateways are coming soon on Waves Platform! #WavesPlatform #WavesGateways #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency…    twitter.com
7d 18h RT @wavesplatform: Great news from Sasha Ivanov! #WavesPlatform #WavesAirdrop #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency $Waves $BCH $BTC    twitter.com
8d 20h RT @wavesplatform: Waves goes to Vienna! On 26th of February you will be able to meet developers of Waves Platform, watch a presentation, a…    twitter.com
8d 20h RT @WavesEvangelist: Waves Testnet v0.10.0 released A new transaction type: Mass Transfer, docs    twitter.com
10d 23h Payment 42 @Wavesnode.NET: 125.62 $Waves & 90040 $WNET & 197.04 Mercury & 204.55 OCL sent to our lessors. Check…    twitter.com
12d 20h RT @wavesplatform: Great guide from CryptoCompare on how to install and use Waves Client: #WavesPlatform #WavesCli…    twitter.com
13d 20h RT @wavesplatform: Desktop Waves Client Beta for Windows is available! Also, Mac and Linux versions have been updated with some fixes. Down…    twitter.com
14d 1h RT @bapao83: Waves got rejected.. looking for a lower entry. I think 60k should hold    twitter.com
14d 3h RT @wavesplatform: Smart contracts. Coming soon! #WavesPlatform #WavesSmartContracts #SmartContracts $Waves    twitter.com
14d 23h RT @g1zm0: Enjoying a nice cup of @coffeecoin coffee, bought with $COF at @wavesplatform using @wavesnode shop plugin. Happy days! @sasha35…    twitter.com
16d 19h RT @wavesplatform: Waves Platform goes to Indonesia! We and Indonesian initiative Tokenomy  will help local corporations to tokenise their…    twitter.com
18d Payment 41 @Wavesnode.NET: 118.05 $Waves & 86800 $WNET & 189.44 Mercury & 24.12 OCL sent to our lessors. Check…    twitter.com
20d 4h Read up on $WAVES last months efforts and news!    twitter.com
20d 19h RT @wavesplatform: Waves Client Beta Desktop app is here! MacOS and Linux versions are available right now, Windows version will arrive tom…    twitter.com
22d RT @bag_holdr: The $Waves Weekly videos are coming back soon which is understandable considering the amount of tech and news they push out!…    twitter.com
22d 1h RT @biggzi: #WavesPlatform about to step-up the #blockchain game! Non-turing completed smart contracts are being developed now! These will…    twitter.com
22d 3h RT @wavesplatform: We are about to release our new desktop app! Enjoy the rich functionality of the Waves Client 1.0 with the security of a…    twitter.com
22d 18h RT @wavesplatform: Now, as we are developing smart contracts, it's time to ask you some questions about it. Please, take a moment and share…    twitter.com
22d 20h Last 24 hours and less then 100k $ till the hardcap of the pre-ico is reached. Make sure to be in time to get your…    twitter.com

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