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  • 4 Feb 2018 — 29 Nov 2017


Waves (WAVES): UK Film Coin Launch  4 Feb 2018  (published 16 days ago)

UK Film Coin token created on the Waves blockchain to make investment in feature films. ICO will launch on the 4th of February at 19:00 GMT.
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Waves (WAVES): Innopolis Conference  25 Jan 2018  (published 26 days ago)

Alexander Ivanov, Waves Platform CEO, is attending the conference in Innopolis, a new Russian city.
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Waves (WAVES): Business Oriented Meetup  23 Jan 2018  (published 2 months 18 days ago)

Representatives for Waves, Rob van de Camp and Jarno Hogeweg, will host Wavesplatform meetup in Netherlands
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Waves (WAVES): Waves-NG Activation  22 Dec 2017  (published 1 month 27 days ago)

Hardfork activation will take place on 22 December
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Waves (WAVES): Hardfork  15 Dec 2017  (published 2 months 3 days ago)

Waves soon will be the fastest decentralised blockchain in the world with a throughput of 100 transactions per second
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Waves (WAVES): New Client  13 Dec 2017  (published 2 months 5 days ago)

Presentation of the new Waves client will take place in Amsterdam, December 13
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Waves (WAVES): BlockShow Asia, Singapore  29 Nov 2017  (published 2 months 19 days ago)

WAVES- Sponsor of BlockShow Asia, Singapore
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