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  • 26 Jan 2018


VeriCoin (VRC): Live AMA  26 Jan 2018  (published 2 months 1 day ago)

Lead Developers Douglas Pike and Patrick Nosker will be live streaming an AMA on Youtube on 26th January.
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VeriCoin Latest News:

4h Watch the recent @VeriCoin ($VRC) and @VeriumReserve ($VRM) video update. We're "veri" excited with what's coming.
19h Moving from Pool to Solo mining.
21h RT @effectsToCause: Money is a means for transfer of energy. Chemical energy in the form of food, or in the form of clothing and shelter. W…
1d 7h [QUESTION] Withdraw from a mining pool ( missing
3d 6h Anyone else get a sweet return on their farm?
3d 14h Switchain is a non-custodial exchange that compares rates across exchanges to ensure that you get the best deal. A very useful tool for the Vericoin community!.
4d 6h Let's talk about the importance of ram for mining.
5d 7h The VeriCoin and Verium Wiki is Live.
6d 7h Windows wallet stops loading new blocks
7d maximize my vericion staking wallet.
7d 5h We've been working hard on development, partnerships and exchange additions for VeriCoin and Verium. We will have m…
7d 9h RT @effectsToCause: @Vericoinium @VeryVeriViral @m_ad_04m_ax_ @VeriCoin @rogerkver @ProfFaustus I say we let currencies compete, this is a…
7d 15h Low hash rate
7d 19h [QUESTION] Getting best mining efficiency on a Windows laptop.
7d 20h Has anyone done the math on the cheapest hardware for mining Verium/Vericoin?
8d 2h We are launching our monthly "VeriConomy Newsletter" to help you stay up to date on the latest News, Updates and Events. One Subscriber a week will have a chance to win 5 VRC and 1 VRM
8d 3h We are launching our monthly "VeriConomy Newsletter" to help you stay up to date on the lat…
8d 5h fireworm 1.4- avx2 vs avx, try it
8d 16h HC1 hashrate is 20% lower?
8d 18h Looking for assistance with wallet data location on Ubuntu install
10d 22h Verium mining getting "stratum_subscribe timed out"
12d 1h Cosmic use case of MICROBLOGGING for Vericoin SocialNetwork Project! Game changing use case, world is all about information!
12d 8h E5 1620 v4
13d 4h $VRC $VRM #VeriConomy #binarychain
14d 20h Difficulty and hash rate have shot up. Any idea why?
15d 10h Play Games & win vericoin *[Play Now]*
16d 6h What Is Vericoin?
16d 7h Is is worth joining a pool in my situation?

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