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BLOCKv Latest News:

6h Thanks to all those who participated in the Thank You vAtom idea contest. We had 79 submissions, but only one could…    twitter.com
9h Reeve Collins speach D10E Kiev    reddit.com
13h BLOCKv Integrates Bancor Protocol    reddit.com
21h It's official. $VEE is now live on @Bancor    twitter.com
1d 13h BlockV listed on Bancor Network    reddit.com
1d 15h VEE is now convertible on the Bancor Network, allowing continuous and automated liquidity. Check out the Web App to convert VEE, BNB, EOS, ETH and other tokens directly from your Web3 (metamask, parity, mist) wallet.    reddit.com
1d 17h Brazilian soccer superstar Kaká and Olympic gold medalist Apolo Ohno are among eight famous athletes teaming up with the Foundation for Puerto Rico, the VIKTRE platform, and @blockv_io to help restore power to Puerto Rico.    reddit.com
1d 17h BLOCKv partners with VIKTRE !!!    reddit.com
1d 19h Happy to be a part of this project.    twitter.com
2d 16h Great video with Craig Sellars and our BLOCKv potential    reddit.com
4d 18h Mobile    reddit.com
5d 11h blockv a top gainer this week (+63.58%)    reddit.com
5d 13h BlockV listed on Upbit!    reddit.com
5d 14h Official twitter announcement VEE on Bittrex    reddit.com
5d 16h I just came out of class and saw this. So exciting!    reddit.com
5d 17h Spread the word! VEE on Bittrex!!    reddit.com
5d 17h Today $VEE was added to @BittrexExchange . We are building an amazing platform for the creation of smart digital ob…    twitter.com
5d 17h VEE added to Bittrex TODAY!!!!    reddit.com
5d 17h VEE listed on Bittrex!    reddit.com
5d 18h VEE now listed on Live Coin Watch!    reddit.com
5d 23h Giftz Blockv alliance    reddit.com
6d 9h February Update - Quick Outline    reddit.com
6d 9h Downloaded the app, not sure I get it    reddit.com
6d 10h WE BROKE 1000 SUBSCRIBERS!! Congrats    reddit.com
6d 13h Vatoms    reddit.com
6d 18h Looks like we may also be getting into the music industry!    reddit.com
6d 19h Getting the word out    reddit.com
6d 21h When do you think VEE will be listed on Binance?    reddit.com
7d 13h We are excited to share a new blog post with our community outlining some of the amazing work that was completed ov…    twitter.com
7d 15h BlockV February Update    reddit.com

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