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  • 13 Feb 2018 — 15 Jan 2018


Utrust (UTK): CryptoAssets Conference in Vancouver  13 Feb 2018  (published 1 month 12 days ago)

UTK will be at CryptoAssets Conference in Vancouver on 13th February.
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Utrust (UTK): WCEF Conference  15 Jan 2018  (published 1 month 10 days ago)

World Crypto Economic Forum: 15 — 16 January in San Francisco.
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Utrust Latest News:

17h UTRUST Merchant Registration Ahead of Schedule    reddit.com
2d 9h Will UTRUST let buyers use any Ethereum ERC20 token?    reddit.com
2d 23h UTRUST registered 270 merchants in the first 24 hours! Huge!    reddit.com
2d 23h The first 24 hours were amazing! Thank you so much for your support and belief in #UTRUST If you didn’t register yo…    twitter.com
3d 22h UTrust new website up and running.    reddit.com
3d 23h We’re live and one step closer to the future of online payments! Check it out and let us know what you think:…    twitter.com
5d 2h Why hasnt Utrust picked back up since the crash at all??    reddit.com
6d 9h Can UTK go back to ATH price of $1 again? Or that $1 price is just from an pump & dump hype?    reddit.com
7d 22h HUGE INFO event zeroIN Amsterdam - Sponsors: Microsoft + Oracle + Facebook + Google + KBC Bank + Paypal. Main presentation of the evening Presenting UTRUST - The Crypto Payment Gateway of the Future - co-fouder Filipe Castro !!!    reddit.com
8d 2h So has anyone received their bounties?    reddit.com
9d 11h Upcoming Event: New website launch - February 24, 2018 [Unconfirmed]    reddit.com
10d Online payments are risky and you may not always get what you paid for. We are building the first and only cryptocu…    twitter.com
10d 1h New website confirmed?    reddit.com
10d 15h Upcoming Event: UTRUST (UTK) Platform Presentation - April 19, 2018    reddit.com
11d 2h New website and platform sneak peek....    reddit.com
11d 4h Next week we are launching our new website, including a strong rebrand and first previews of the platform. Stay tun…    twitter.com
11d 14h IS UTRUST A SCAM?    reddit.com
11d 20h Paying rent with Utrust?    reddit.com
12d 1h Is uTrust a good coin to invest?    reddit.com
12d 3h RT @FintechCH: Fintech Events In Switzerland To Attend In 2018 #Fintech #Events #Updates    twitter.com
13d 2h Nexo Airdrop is LIVE — Join Today! Claim your share of 1 MILLION Tokens from Nexo - The World’s First Instant Crypto Overdraft    reddit.com
13d 18h Great news guys: "new website next week with updated and detailed roadmap"    reddit.com
13d 21h UTRUST will add vital buyer protection to cryptocurrency online payments. The 19th of April is going to be big. Sta…    twitter.com
15d 1h An overview of every major disruption that occurred in payments industry!     twitter.com
16d 5h FREE TOKEN ALERT! RECEIVE FREE EtherBTC! I just registered for the EtherBTC 2018 Airdrop and you can , too! Go to today!    reddit.com
16d 8h Number of tokens sold at ICO & in circulation now?    reddit.com
17d 18h Utrust Not just a name but the future!    reddit.com
17d 21h $UTK is now trading on @hitbtc    twitter.com
18d 2h UTK listed on HitBTC now it seems?    reddit.com
19d E-commerce to keep rising: What this means for UTK    reddit.com

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