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U.CASH Latest News:

8h U.cash will give 500 UCASH at airdrop. Is this true?    reddit.com
11h expensiveexperiment and ucrash is the same succulent succubus creating fud probably the fact they can't scam of the bounty system no more :'(    reddit.com
11h Are more exchanges being looked at?    reddit.com
12h Time to Cash In Your U.S. Savings Bonds?    investopedia.com
16h Thank you for your love and support from the team.    twitter.com
18h Painting The Tape = price manipulation in market. Can you tell when it is happening? Pump up price to bring in more users then sell to buyers at higher price.    reddit.com
1d 16h How to get ur bitcoins back    reddit.com
2d 5h Mumbai! We are looking to growing our support team, spread the word to friends and family that would love to be apa…    twitter.com
3d 19h We hope everyone is enjoying their lunar new year or family day! Show friends and family our…    twitter.com
5d 15h Which Country are you rooting for? Comment below!    twitter.com
5d 19h Great to see YouTubers starting to realize how blockchain can change their industry as well for the greater good    twitter.com
6d 2h UCASH Value Drops 80% as Investor Interest in New Coin Dries Up    themarketmogul.com
6d 15h To all users that have technical difficulties that are more personal, our help centre will…    twitter.com
6d 19h Happy Lunar New Year!    twitter.com
7d 10h Will entrepreneurs eventually adopt?    twitter.com
7d 13h Another announcement for all users & supporters!    twitter.com
7d 16h Small Update to Users: The WITHDRAWAL STATUS COLUMN visibility to users has been temporarily turned off. We are cur…    twitter.com
7d 18h Withdraw successfully, but no tokens in the MyEtherWallet:    reddit.com
7d 19h Finally got my withdrawn... so be patient I guess    reddit.com
7d 19h Status Update: February 14, 2018    reddit.com
7d 20h So how's Carlos Matos treating ya'll?    reddit.com
7d 20h Withdrawel Succes! Who ever expected this ?    reddit.com
7d 23h any one got succsess withdraw u.cash from u.cash site to btc-alpha?    reddit.com
8d 3h UCASH COMING TO C2CX.com CHINESE EXCHANGE! Nice!!!!!    reddit.com
8d 8h New update: Another message for Users    twitter.com
8d 11h U.Cash pump and dump coin    reddit.com
8d 11h New coin I'm creating > U.GetScrewed    reddit.com
8d 12h Community wants their withdraws    reddit.com
8d 12h Wanted to let the community know my withdrawal went through without issue. Didn't take very long.    reddit.com

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