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  • 26 Feb 2018 — 29 Dec 2017


Tronix (TRX): Announcement Essay Winner  26 Feb 2018  (published 16 days ago)

TRON will announce Essay Winner on 26th February, 2018.
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Tronix (TRX): Essay Competition End  25 Feb 2018  (published 16 days ago)

Official TRON Essay Competition ends on 25th February, 2018.
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Tronix (TRX): Live Stream With Technical Team  11 Feb 2018  (published 19 days ago)

TRON technical team will have a live stream on Periscope on 11th February, 2018.
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Tronix (TRX): Pet Planet Mobile Version  10 Feb 2018  (published 25 days ago)

Love.Pet mobile game products will be released by 10 February.
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Tronix (TRX): Peiwoo V1.1  2 Feb 2018  (published 1 month 6 days ago)

Support TRX withdraw on Peiwo APP expecting on 2nd February, 2018.
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Tronix (TRX): Huobi Trading  30 Jan 2018  (published 27 days ago)

TRX/BTC and TRX/ETH trading will be available at Huobi at 16:00 PM January 30(GMT+8). Withdrawals will be available at 15:30 PM, on January 31(GMT+8).
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Tronix (TRX): Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings  24 Jan 2018  (published 1 month 1 day ago)

Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings will issue letter grades on cryptocurrencies, including TRON, will be released January 24.
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Tronix (TRX): Partnership with Game.com  22 Jan 2018  (published 2 months 25 days ago)

Release of English and Korean version on January 22.
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Tronix (TRX): Live Streaming+Partnership  6 Jan 2018  (published 1 month 19 days ago)

Update you with the latest partnership and tech development.
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Tronix (TRX): Open Source Platform Launch  29 Dec 2017  (published 1 month 27 days ago)

We will have a revolutionary smart contract and Dapps platform open source at Dec. 29th
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