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  • 24 Jan 2018 — 29 Nov 2017


Tierion (TNT): Node Registration  24 Jan 2018  (published 3 months 22 days ago)

Opening for node registration on January 24th at 22:00 UTC. One thousand nodes will be able to register.
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Tierion (TNT): Network Update and Additional Nodes Registration   5 Jan 2018  (published 2 months 17 days ago)

Node registration will open on January 5th. An additional one thousand nodes will be able to register.
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Tierion (TNT): Masternode Opening  29 Nov 2017  (published 3 months 23 days ago)

Node registration will open on November 29th at 10:00am PT (18:00 UTC). An additional one thousand nodes will be able to register. The reward per period will increase from 500 TNT to 1,000 TNT.
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