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  • 28 Jan 2018


Blocktix (TIX): Android & iOS Apps  28 Jan 2018  (published 1 month 6 days ago)

Release target for Android and IOS mobile app is January 28th.
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Blocktix Latest News:

1d 22h The reason i love Blocktix so much !
4d 8h Blocktix Dev Update #13
4d 8h Blocktix Development Update #13 - - Enjoy!
4d 12h Blocktix has been added to the Cheddur app!
5d 6h Running late on updates...
8d 15h No News is Good News??
11d 22h Beggar token No developer marketing Look at the tweets. It's a ghost tweet. People are leaving.
11d 22h gaebaljaneun jeonhyeo maketing-eulhaji anhseubnida.
11d 22h Gogon Scam Token
13d 21h How are you guys? ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ Block tics will go for $ 0.2 It will fall further BitRex will be deleted
14d 17h Bitex gongji bollyum-eobsneun tokeun gaebalja teuwis bihwalseong tokeun bihwalseong tokeun moduneun moglog-eseo je-oedoebnida. beullog tigseu gajang jeoghabhan Bitrex Will be deleted Block tics I take information and tell me
14d 20h Block tics Bitrex will be deleted. Coin without volume coin development Cause of deletion
17d 16h Time to buy TIX for 9k sat or waiting?
18d 7h Have you read about our "Million TIX Reward Program” yet? #giveaway $TIX
18d 11h White question: How should the event creators buy the 1000 TIX fee to create an event?
19d 11h The first #Android testers are playing with the #Blocktix Mobile App - Join the Mobile Alpha here:…
19d 16h Block tics Are people leaving the tweeter? Ten thousand left. Now there are 40,000 tweets tix developer I am not interested in twitter
19d 23h tix twitter People are leaving? 6 million twitter Ten thousand people have already left People tix Do you quit all tweets? tix twitter Do not you do activities?
20d 23h Selling TIX, Bittrex issues?!
21d 13h Check out a #demo of our Blocktix Mobile App for iOS:
21d 22h Blockix developer I need to frequent twitter activities To People are leaving. I have waited until now, but Prices do not go up The price rises. Why not? Upbit Bit Rex Korea There is only volume. As long as the exchange does not increase Do not expect pri
22d Even with good technology No Twitter activity and no marketing Coins eventually fall in price. Look at tweets People are falling. I missed the waiting timing tix I'm leaving my tweet. I 1200000 tix will sell all tix price will fall in the future I'm reall
22d 6h Though on the updates?
22d 6h Blocktix Dev Update #12
22d 6h Here it is: #DevUpdate #12! Introducing our Blocktix Mobile Apps and the Million TIX Reward Program -…
22d 16h That volume
22d 19h New to blocktix but love the concept. How likely is it that they miss their deadline for the 28th like most coins miss their deadlines?
23d 2h How come the sidebar doesn't have places where i can buy and exchange TIX?
24d 11h Goldman Sachs lists blockchain concert tickets as a 'blockchain in action' (section 3). Blocktix [TIX] is the leading Blockchain based event ticketing system. This is a great spot to be!
24d 12h 2 days till new, exciting update! What do you think will be announced?

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