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  • 13 Mar 2018


True Flip Lottery (TFL): IGA Conference  13 Mar 2018  (published 20 days ago)

True Flip will be an exhibitor and speaker at 10th IGA conference in Macau on 13-15 March, 2018.
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True Flip Lottery Latest News:

12h Very useful article from our friends @PanteraCapital
17h interviewed True Flip for its story on iGA2018: #trueflip #eth #btc #lotto
5d 17h Turkish, Korean and Vietnamese now supported! 7 languages in total :) #tfl #btc #eth #lottery
20d 15h Meet True Flip at the iGaming Asia Congress - the longest running iGaming event in the region - on 13-15 March 2018…
20d 18h IDEX decentralized exchange has listed TFL/ETH:
25d 18h True Flip token (TFL) has been listed on Live Coin Watch, a real-time crypto price index with graphs & historical d…
27d 14h Some recent developments in the fresh State of True Flip:
1m 4d 10h Buying a ticket on
1m 9d 12h True Flip on ICE 2018!
1m 13d 14h Chinese language added :)
1m 18d 18h State of True Flip 8!
1m 26d 20h ICE London: True Flip exhibiting&speaking + a BONUS for visitors!
1m 26d 20h ICE London: True Flip exhibiting&speaking + a BONUS for visitors!
2m 4d 9h True Flip team meetup today, sharing thoughts on 2018!
2m 7d 18h The year has just started, but some important updates are already here:
2m 19d 18h Dear players and tokenholders! Wishing you best holidays and a Happy New Year! P.S. Visit for you game results :)
2m 23d 21h KuCoin traders will have access to TFL/BTC and TFL/ETH trading pairs upon listing. Users can start trading TFL on KuCoin December 27, 2017 at 21:00 (UTC +8). 39,000 tokens as prices for top traders, details here: @TrueFlipLoto #KC
2m 24d 14h #TFL was listed on #Livecoin exchange! TFL/BTC and TFL/ETH -
2m 25d 9h New Flipcast — now on Youtube! We’ve just published something very special on YouTube :) The new Flipcast is a report on our latest developments.
2m 26d 10h 35btc will be played between #TFL token holders till the end of 2017!
2m 28d 20h KUCOIN LISTING – WE’RE #2 Guys, it’s amazing! We almost have it done – all glory to this community ;) True Flip is #2 now! The voting is held till December 26. —» «— Now we have best chances to appear on KuCoin very soon
2m 29d 21h Good news! A new TFL token profile launched, with all actual info —
3m 1d 1h Now we accept TFL tokens for gaming - a “Flip’s Star” ticket is 1 TFL, “Rapid to the moon” starts at 0,5 TFL! Let’s play!
3m 6d 19h Dear friends, At least Dec 14 we uncover the new TRUEFLIP.IO – including TFL payments for our tickets and smooth interface to support multiple games. ALSO - New ticket price is 0,0002 BTC (50% as low!) - to enjoy it over and over, while the Jackpot is a
3m 7d 17h What a good day)
3m 12d 20h KUCOIN LISTING – TOP-2 SUPPORT TRUE FLIP! Guys, it’s amazing! We almost have it done – all glory to this community ;) True Flip is #2 now, so let’s go on and get listed soon! —» VOTE NOW FOR TFL/BTC TRADE ON KUCOIN! «— —»
3m 14d SUPPORT TRUE FLIP! Vote now for TFL/BTC trade on #KuCoin! We're in top-5!
3m 22d 13h Find a report on our visit to SIGMA’17 here:
3m 26d 21h Explore our recent developments in the latest State of True Flip, here:
4m 3d 22h Rapid to the Moon – the new number game on – rocket-launches the platform’s ticket sales to reach 5000 daily! Experience instant luck with a single ticket :)

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