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  • 12 Mar 2018 — 8 Mar 2018


Telcoin (TEL): Airdrop Commences  12 Mar 2018  (published 14 days ago)

Airdrop ICO participants will commence on 12th March, 2018.
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Telcoin (TEL): Blockchain Africa Conference  8 Mar 2018  (published 1 month 7 days ago)

Telcoin will sponsor and attend the Blockchain Africa Conference in Johannesburg on 8-9th March, 2018.
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Telcoin Latest News:

3h telcoin
18h Telcoin Türkiye
22h Why is TEL such shitcoin? Where are the gains? $1 TEL now or GTFO
1d 2h When does the next newsletter come out?
1d 23h RT @GSMA: Warm welcome to the new #GSMA Associate Member - @Telcoin_team. We look forward to working with you
2d 2h New HQ for Telcoin? The positive news only continues
2d 2h GSMA welcomes Telcoin
2d 5h Last day at our current office @tenoha_officials, Thank you for everything. Exciting times ahead for Telcoin!
3d 17h Prepaid Telcoin cards?
4d 9h As far as investments go
4d 16h Q&A with Telcoin CEO, Claude Eguienta
4d 16h Check out Claude's Q&A in the link below Thank you for your amazing questions !
4d 19h Climbing Out
5d 1h Seeing the buy walls this morning like:
5d 2h Worst investment of my life. Telcoin is a failure.
5d 6h Israel Bars Crypto Firms from Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Indices
5d 21h What is Telcoin doing with Etisalat?
6d Financial Technology is the future (HOLD)
6d Ian Balina trying to crash the price but I’m still gonna hodl!
6d 1h Thank you for using the #telcoinQA, we received all of your questions! The Q&A will be published tomorrow
6d 3h Telcoin at Blockchain in Africa, Johannesburg
6d 9h Telcoin was in Johannesburg last week, Check out the video of Claude's presentation at Blockchain in Africa…
6d 11h Telcoin at the Blockchain Conference in Africa
6d 11h Check out the video of Claude's presentation at Blockchain in Africa #Financialinclusion #africa #crypto
6d 14h If you are a believer in this technology - HODL
6d 22h The unbanked....
6d 22h Get your seat while you can
6d 22h It’s pretty quiet
7d What is Mojaloop and does it effect Telcoin? - Detailed post.
7d 20h TEL Airdrop

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