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Syndicate Latest News:

9d We are currently working on a new website + a wallet patch to improve design. $SYNX #Syndicate    twitter.com
22d 20h The second announcement is a collaboration with @sheldon_store. As of today you can use $SYNX coin to purchase pr…    twitter.com
22d 23h CoinSwitch exchange platform now supports $SYNX. Stay tuned as we have another announcem…    twitter.com
2m 7d 7h Update v1.0.1.8 GUI revamp Wallet lag reduction Base inventory functions Proof of Existence checksum generator     twitter.com
5m 17d 21h Employee management beta is now live!! v. $SYNX $BTC #blockchain    twitter.com
5m 18d 12h Syndicate v. BETA RELEASED! Refer to the thread for more information! $SYNX $btc #btcpic.twitter.com/0av1VqTJ2O    twitter.com
5m 23d 13h Will $SYNX be added on @Poloniex soon ? $xmr $eth $etc $fct    twitter.com
5m 25d 20h Bitsquare new coin adds! $LBRY $SYNX $UNO $DCR $DGB & more @bitsquare_pic.twitter.com/m07MesBbK5    twitter.com
5m 25d 21h Syndicate $SYNX added to @CryptoCurrEncyX -     twitter.com
5m 25d 21h Syndicate [SYNX] listed! #Syndicate #synx $synx    twitter.com
5m 28d 17h Core functionality sneak peak! $SYNXpic.twitter.com/2NULlV9Z98    twitter.com
5m 29d 11h Do you regret buying $SYNX?    twitter.com
5m 29d 13h $SYNX finally on @Bittrex! Congrats to the @SyndicateLabs_ team!    twitter.com
5m 29d 14h Time to join the Crypto-Syndicate. Coming at you from Bittrex. $BTC $SYNX $ALTS @BittrexExchange @SyndicateLabs_    twitter.com
5m 29d 15h Hello @BittrexExchange!     twitter.com
5m 29d 15h Time to join the crypto $SYNX ... #spotlight @BittrexExchange    twitter.com
5m 30d 15h where is $SYNX?    twitter.com
5m 30d 15h you mispelled SYNX    twitter.com
5m 30d 17h $SYNX Digital currency for businesses- one of the biggest sleepers on the market    twitter.com
5m 30d 17h The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail. $SYNX    twitter.com
5m 30d 21h NEW ANN! (: Exciting things in the works!!    twitter.com
6m 3d 22h Guess What #CryptoWorld $SYNX network has 223 #Masternodes UP! now. @SyndicateLabs_ & Community are a force to reckon with!!    twitter.com

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