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1d 15h ICX Tokens Soar 80% this Week as Bithumb Announces ICON Listing
2m 3d 2h $200 trillion in #stocks #cash #bonds #gold around the world ... all 4 overvalued. If 2% of that ends up in #crypto you have a $4 trillion total market cap; 7X where we are today. If $BTC #bitcoin holds its current market share ... that would put the pric
2m 22d 10h A letter from us at Soar Labs:
2m 22d 12h It have been a wonderful year for all of us here at Soar Labs. We would like to thank everybody for your continuous support, and we will strive to do better for the years ahead! Happy 2018!
2m 26d 21h To the moon! We are currently trying to work our way into more exchanges, stay tuned for more news!
2m 29d 16h Do you guys think we should be more active on other platforms rather than just BitcoinTalk, Twitter and Telegram?
2m 29d 20h Have you seen our new whitepaper?
2m 30d 11h Soarcoin Whitepaper 2.0, it's here! --->
3m 22h The @BlockchainCTR team with the men themselves from @soarcoin! . . . #coin #invest #finance #money #like #love #friday #christmas #bitcoin #blockchain #nem #pic #selfie #follow #event #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #startup #lifestyle #summer #streetar
3m 2d 18h New event / Новое событие : Soarcoin (SOAR) - 24.12.2017 $SOAR @soarcoin Whitepaper 2.0 Publication Публикация Whitepaper 2.0 #cryptocurrency #Crypto #Bitcoin
3m 4d 8h $SOAR Soarcoin: Whitepaper 2.0 Publication on December 24 #coindar #cryptocurrency #events #Soarcoin
3m 4d 9h Whitepaper 2.0. No bullshit, no filler. Just 100% honesty and straight to the point. 24th December 2017. Mark your calendar.
3m 7d 7h 2017 is almost coming to an end. Yes, we know, some of our projects are being pushed back slightly (ie our wallet), but we're doing so to make sure it's as perfect as possible. On another note, have you heard about our newest project?
4m 4d 14h Whitepaper v2.0 and Soar Wallet is almost ready. Who's as excited as us?
4m 9d 1h Fresh from @CoinMarketCap
4m 10d 16h What's your favourite #altcoins at the moment?
4m 20d 12h Reminder! Unclaimed rewards will be forfeited and re-distributed!
4m 21d 9h Result for special giveaway is out on telegram!
4m 22d 11h We have a Telegram-exclusive contest coming soon! Have you joined us yet? Retweet this! Join us >
4m 22d 12h Some useful information for you guys!
4m 22d 12h This is definitely winning our most creative tweet! Contest ends in an hour, can you guys do better than this? Stand a chance to win up to 6,000 SOAR!
4m 22d 12h Just in case you guys aren't aware, one of our biggest project in progress!
4m 24d 16h Remember, winners will be picked based on the most creative tweets, as well as the most retweets of their original tweet! Remember to use the hashtags #soarcoin #airdrop #giveaway so we can track accordingly!
4m 24d 16h Special giveaway is coming to an end soon... Have YOU made your submission?
4m 30d 19h Remember to add contract address, decimal and symbols! We'll not be responsible if you did not receive them because of your own carelessness. FINAL REMINDER. We'll start sending out the SOAR later today.

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