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Shift Latest News:

3d 9h Tipper to Usher Social Media Paradigm Shift Where Tipping Pays and Every User Earns
8d 15h The New Shift Subreddit /r/ShiftProject!
9d 11h Shift, Skycoin(Skywire) and Elastos
10d 3h Shift is under $2.00!
10d 4h Shift Marketing Video
12d 7h Hydra public pre-release coming this month and #sidechain target: still Q1! Also new developer, Chinese WP translat…
16d 9h Shift (SHIFT) could hit a market cap of $1 billion in 2018
18d 2h Shift listed on Live Coin Watch - Real-Time, Customisable Crypto price index with a Portfolio tracker - Feedback on this? :)
20d 15h Optimizing my DPos votes
23d 7h Voting with small amount?
23d 7h hi, i have few queries about shift, hope you may have answer
23d 12h Ad Shift, Spotify IPO, Trump on Guns: CEO Daily for March 1, 2018
23d 14h To avoid rumours now that Isabella co-founded IoV.
24d 5h AI will create new jobs but skills must shift, say tech giants
24d 12h Volunteer for SHIFT and help us revolutionize the web
25d 10h Updated logo design for Hydra and Phantom, including Jenga
25d 14h New enviro-economic accounts warmly received as a key environmental policy shift
27d 3h Decreasing trading volume - countermeasures?
1m 2d 9h Shift has been added to the Cheddur App (guide to digital currencies)
1m 2d 13h Based on the shift logo, I made a logo for hydra and phantom.
1m 3d 3h 2018-03-31
1m 4d 1h Stuff to close some community and rural newspapers as part of shift to digital
1m 4d 5h Aircastle: Stellar Q4 Results And A Continued Shift To Narrow-Bodies
1m 4d 10h Community Update about Personal Device Hack
1m 4d 10h Community Update RE our team member's personal device breach (not a hack of Shift itself) on Feb. 4th: over 99.5% o…
1m 5d 9h Any information on disclosure of recent breach?
1m 5d 10h Wirecard, Banca Afirme Help Corporates Shift From Checks To Cards
1m 6d 1h Shift Coin Swap?
1m 7d 6h What's wrong with the team members?
1m 8d Paradigm Shift - More Evidence Of Shareholder Friendly Capital Allocation

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