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  • 6 Dec 2017


Siacoin (SC): Hard Fork  6 Dec 2017  (published 2 months 18 days ago)

At block 135,000 the v1.3.0 difficulty adjustment hardfork activates.
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Siacoin Latest News:

3h Objectively    reddit.com
6h Sounds like fantastic news for Siacoin!!!    reddit.com
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16h SIA (SC) will be one dollar end of 2018    reddit.com
18h What prevents something similar from happening to Sia?    reddit.com
20h The already fantastic has gotten a makeover on the outside and under the hood! Credit goes…    twitter.com
23h Corporate Application    reddit.com
1d 5h Miner Hunt: Nanopool Completely Eliminates Fees from SiaCoin    coinidol.com
1d 5h Crypto Community Feels Betrayed By SiaCoin’s (SC) Closed Token Sale via SEC    reddit.com
1d 5h How is this not massively overpriced?    reddit.com
1d 7h Introducing SiaStats.info "2.0"    reddit.com
1d 8h Sia wallet synchronization problem.    reddit.com
1d 10h Siafunds token sale announcement was very disappointing to me    reddit.com
1d 14h If you voted for Sia to be added to Binance, please also show your support for this community driven effort    reddit.com
1d 15h Siafund Token Sale – Official Announcement    reddit.com
1d 16h We are excited to announce that Nebulous is raising funds to sustain Sia development through the sale of Siafunds,…    twitter.com
1d 18h SIA UI will not run on my second harddrive    reddit.com
1d 19h Siafunds token opts to be classed a security under SEC rules    reddit.com
1d 20h Where is Obelisk Portal?    reddit.com
1d 22h Trying to upload files, but no contracts    reddit.com
1d 22h SC sent to my address, shows on blockchain, but not showing in sia-ui balance?    reddit.com
2d Apple servers suck    reddit.com
2d Is Sia actively trying to get listed on Coinbase and robinhood?    reddit.com
2d 4h Free BNB to vote on Binance    reddit.com
2d 4h Buying more SIA    reddit.com
2d 9h Hackers Cryptojack Tesla’s Cloud to Mine Monero - Amazon Web Services / Amazon S3 to blame? Could Sia be the answer for enterprises looking to prevent Cryptojacking?    reddit.com
2d 15h HIPAA certification for Sia in future?    reddit.com
2d 15h Mining SIA on nanopool for a few nights, still 0 balance    reddit.com
2d 16h How is the file upload so fast?    reddit.com
2d 19h If everyone in this community voted for Sia    reddit.com

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