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  • 16 Feb 2018 — 15 Dec 2017




SafeExchangeCoin Latest News:

12h What happened to the AMA thread?
1d 18h Latest update from Safex, featuring new office, staff and what they've been up to the last few months.
1d 19h Safex Development Update April 18, 2018: The Growing $Safex Team
2d 6h Everything you want to know about $Safex, Safex Marketplace and Safex Cash
2d 13h Everything you want to know about Safex, Safex Marketplace and Safex Cash
3d 12h $safex Wallet v6 has been released: upgrading is as simple as downloading the latest version and opening it availab…
3d 14h Money for my Cash: Model Prediction of Safex Cash Trading Price
3d 18h I am trying to send SAFEX from my wallet to Trade satoshi but something isn't right! I enter the address and fee and press send but after that it just hangs in 'pending' status! Am I doing something wrong? Other people with this issue?
3d 22h Did you sell during the first BuyBack program?
4d 2h Buying from SAFEX.IO red flag!
4d 3h Safex Micro Cap Review (this guy's been following Safex for a while)
4d 7h is safex buy-back program still on
4d 21h Upcoming Event: Safex Wallet v6 - April 16, 2018
5d 15h Add to your calendar Safe Exchange Coin event: Safex Wallet v6 (April 16)
6d 3h RT @Liberland_org: Watch the live video from the Liberland 3rd Anniversary and d10e conference!
6d 18h Impossible to send SAFEX to Tradesatoshi from Wallet 0.0.5
6d 20h RT @aussiesloth70: For anyone curious about SAFEX, this will bring you up to speed... @dandabek @ivanatudor $SAFE…
7d 10h safex wallet transfer mystery
7d 12h SAFEX - A brief history and its potential for the future?
7d 22h Safex Wallet
8d 22h Just waiting for those weekly dev updates
9d 20h Dan if you respect your investors, host an AMA.
11d 6h An article on safex
12d 4h RT @dandabek: $safex had something to do with $btc #satoshinakamoto O.O
13d 4h RT @NextExchange: The worlds first #SAFEX -EUR/USD transactions executed on our decentralized trading platform. ht…
13d 18h World's first USD/EUR to SAFEX transaction performed on NEXT Exchange
13d 19h Official Safex AMA - April 2018
13d 23h Latest update from Dan.
15d 21h Safex Community Q and A. Post questions here.
16d 5h where is safex?

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