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  • 16 Feb 2018 — 15 Dec 2017




SafeExchangeCoin Latest News:

1d 6h RT @dandabek: $safex mentioned Five celebrities who rocked the stock market through social media    twitter.com
1d 6h RT @SafexNews: Yesterday @dandabek held an impromptu interview/Q&A with the #Safex community on Discord. We've got a copy of the audio and…    twitter.com
1d 6h RT @dandabek: Awesome analysis; by @CryptoKiyoshi - cold and logical “In-depth Overview of the Valuation of Cryptocurrencies: Case Study —…    twitter.com
1d 19h Is it Possible to buy BCH/Safex on TradeSatoshi with hardly any volume ?    reddit.com
1d 21h crazy high trade satoshi withdrawal fee    reddit.com
1d 21h When will Safex go back on Blockfolio?    reddit.com
1d 22h [Audio] Safex Community Q&A with Daniel Dabek    reddit.com
2d 22h Do you guys have a price prediction for EOY?    reddit.com
3d Quastion about Safex marketplace...    reddit.com
3d 14h The SAFEX discord    reddit.com
4d 5h SAFEX exchange    reddit.com
4d 6h SAFEX on Cryptopia    reddit.com
6d 20h Plaak Is Pleased to Announce That Safex Will List Their Token on Our up and Coming Plaak Exchange.    bitcoinist.com
7d 10h anybody bought any on next.exchange yet?    reddit.com
8d 19h Safex was added in daily Crypto Listings on Exchanges    reddit.com
9d 13h Upcoming Event: Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) Listing on Next.Exchange‏ - February 16, 2018    reddit.com
9d 17h Case Study - Valuation of SafeX    reddit.com
12d 12h Plaak announces partnership with SAFEX.    reddit.com
12d 20h Safex Development Update February 12, 2018 - Updates    reddit.com
13d 10h $safex Development Update February 12, 2018    twitter.com
14d Not enough BTC to send Safex...?    reddit.com
14d Selling Safex via Cryptopia cross account transfer    reddit.com
14d 9h Sending SAFEX tokens from Safex Wallet to TradeSatoshi.    reddit.com
14d 23h Is SAFEX the next BitConnect?    reddit.com
15d 3h TL;DR - Summary the latest developer update video    reddit.com
15d 15h Safex Talks: Blockchain Alpha, Developer Hire, Balkaneum Office February 10, 2018    reddit.com
15d 15h RT @dandabek: $safex is a #bluechip    twitter.com
15d 15h RT @dandabek: $safex Blockchain Alpha, New Developer, and Expansion Plans    twitter.com
15d 18h RT @dandabek: This is why we need $safex #market tor users are being deanonymized using $btc #blockchain my concerns for privacy and the fu…    twitter.com
15d 22h Updated from 0.0.2 to 0.0.5    reddit.com

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