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Request Network Latest News:

3h A simple look at Request and its potential
6h Good news for REQ. China Allows Overseas Firms to Operate in its $27 Trillion Payment Market.
9h What do you think will be your first Request transaction?
9h How does the portfolio of Request Network holders in the Request Network subreddit hold up to other portfolios in different crypto subreddits?(see comments)
9h Any News on Audits/Bug Bounty
12h Black Block Research: in-depth review of REQ out NOW
19h Daily Price Discussion Thread - March 22, 2018
19h Daily Request Network Discussion + FAQ - March 22, 2018
22h I bought today for 34 cents. Hoping for $3 by the end of April.
1d 4h My honest opinion about REQ.
1d 7h Launch of Auctus Labs. They plan on using Request Network for continuous payments.
1d 8h RequestNetwork sentiment is also increasing since March 10. Traders terminology is used: "worth, now, profit, ..." Sentiment, tags and themes at a glance for REQ
1d 11h DNA
1d 16h Shaping the Request Network DNA — A story on how our shared values connect us.
1d 16h Read all about the Request Network DNA - a story on how our shared values connect us.
1d 17h Sent Req tokens to another token contract address by mistake
1d 19h Can we list every single FUD that was talked about in the past month?
1d 19h Daily Price Discussion Thread - March 21, 2018
1d 19h Daily Request Network Discussion + FAQ - March 21, 2018
2d Not my TA...just thought I would throw this up here....
2d 6h I will plant a tree for every 10 cents req raises. AMA
2d 7h REQ tokens after Main Net release
2d 7h Test net/ main net transfer times?
2d 8h Big news coming soon.......
2d 8h 18-24 month REQ Price Preview
2d 11h How much of your portfolio is REQ?
2d 13h Big banks and the media that is driven by their profits will try to convince you cryptocurrencies will fail - We have drawn first blood
2d 13h The Kyber Network Exchange Is Now Open - You Can Now Trade REQ Instantly From Your Wallet!
2d 16h how to sell request from my ether wallet

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