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  • 20 Feb 2018


Qwark (QWARK): Loads InfinitumCard With QWARK   20 Feb 2018  (published 1 month 16 days ago)

InfinitumCard will be enabling QWARK loads on the 20th of February, allowing users to load their cards directly with QWARK.
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Qwark Latest News:

16d 3h RT @iquidus: Nexank a new card to satisfy the cryptocurrency users’ demand, Business News - AsiaOne    twitter.com
20d 7h RT @DmitrriyS: @QwarkToken We provide services of international business aviation, ready to accept for payment Qwark.    twitter.com
20d 20h RT @CoinPaymentsNET: It's our pleasure to add $UBQ and tokens like $QWARK to the #CoinPayments system. @Ubiqsmart @QwarkToken    twitter.com
21d 5h RT @iquidus: a la vanguardia en tecnología blockchain y criptomonedas    twitter.com
25d 7h RT @gordonutc: Event Infinitum flame #Qwark $Qwark #Infinitumflame    twitter.com
25d 7h RT @gordonutc: $Qwark #Infinitumflame Transfer to money done!!!!.    twitter.com
25d 7h RT @gordonutc: $Qwark #Infinitumflame    twitter.com
27d 23h Users successfully loading their cards with $QWARK ohhhh yeahh     twitter.com
1m 1d 20h Cargar Infinitum Card directamente con $QWARK     twitter.com
1m 1d 20h What do we have here?     twitter.com
1m 16d 2h InfinitumCard will be enabling $QWARK loads on the 20th of Feb, allowing users to load their cards directly with QW…    twitter.com
1m 25d 7h RT @j40j: Happy 1st Birthday @ubiqsmart! Incredible what’s been accomplished in a year and 2018 is shaping up to be strong. Congrats to @iq…    twitter.com
2m 17d 7h The new cards are not through wavecrest, If you have one of the new mastercards the wavecrest news does not affect you. If you are a europe based user still with one of the old visas, we will provide info next week on how to get a replacement. $QWARK    twitter.com
2m 20d 1h New cards are arriving to their destinations. BTC loads have been enabled. $QWARK loads enabling next.pic.twitter.com/f3hxhx8pwN    twitter.com
3m 6d Tomorrow the daily distribution takes another step down as we enter year 3 of the distribution plan. $QWARK    twitter.com
3m 10d 21h New physical InfinitumCards are shipping. Available globally. More news in the coming days. $QWARKpic.twitter.com/HCEEJC79dS    twitter.com
3m 10d 21h The official $QWARK twitter is @QwarkToken There appears to be a rogue account (@QwarkCard). Not sure who is running it. As they have not reached out to the team I can only assume malicious intent. Report and block.    twitter.com
4m 18d 1h @QwarkToken $Qwark $UBIQ $Infinitumflamepic.twitter.com/bMie9H4S5k    twitter.com
4m 18d 8h Kryptotech is sponsoring on the 21st of Nov. Looking forward to visiting Moscow $UBQ $QWARK    twitter.com
4m 18d 9h New InfinitumCard designs have been approved. $QWARKpic.twitter.com/SYMlakLakt    twitter.com
4m 19d 19h $Qwark #Qwark #Infinitumflame great!!!.pic.twitter.com/lLej6KjxfQ    twitter.com
5m 13d 20h The qwark channel moved with Ubiq from slack to the official Ubiq discord. You can join with the following link:    twitter.com
5m 15d 9h We have found a new distributor & will be able to restore global debit card services in the near future! Thanks for your patience. $QWARK    twitter.com
5m 25d 18h Ubiq tokens $APX and $QWARK have been added to Cryptopia. Thanks @Cryptopia_NZ!pic.twitter.com/97u8Cjp2lW    twitter.com
7m 4d 10h DRACARYS!!! 44,301,587 $QWARK (current mkt value: ~$23million USD) up in flames. txn:     twitter.com
7m 9d 9h Current mkt price of upcoming burn on the 18th: $15millionpic.twitter.com/zYEqJgVEyu    twitter.com
7m 17d 9h Are you ready?! Aug 18th the first burn shall commence. 44,301,587 $QWARK will burn!! (current mkt value: $4.4million)pic.twitter.com/20EtRMGNMR    twitter.com
9m 7d 2h Bittrex implemented an automated check for high transactions (meant $ETH ICO congestion). Disregard notifications for $UBQ, $QWARK and $APX    twitter.com
9m 10d 1h This is one of the tutorials with at least $50 of rewards within. Good luck!    twitter.com
9m 10d 21h Yesterday we were informed that 30k $UBQ was sold in a compromised account. Please stay safe, vigilant, educated and enable 2FA! #cryptopic.twitter.com/VmUtLz18W6    twitter.com

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