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QunQun Latest News:

1d 9h Such a tense and full week!It was tired, but we were happy everyday!    twitter.com
3d No sleep for whole night, we were fighting to launch creating Quns event. Now you guys can create your Quns Click…    twitter.com
3d     twitter.com
3d 13h Qun's creation is opening now!✨✨ In 2018, Never chuck up #QunQun Community: ① Ownership ② Uniqueness ③ Transact…    twitter.com
4d 8h #QunQun $QUN #Blockchain There's only one day to create the first blockchain-based community that entirely belongs…    twitter.com
5d 8h The warm-up for create your own #QunQun community is opening!    twitter.com
5d 8h Creating the first blockchain-based community that entirely belongs to you! 18:00, March 21st, GTM+8, be there or b…    twitter.com
8d 13h #QunQun Progress Report (10th Mar - 16th Mar) Exciting, This blockchain-based incentive community app has entered t…    twitter.com
10d 6h Once again,#QunQun No.1 Twice a week.     twitter.com
10d 10h #QunQun App is internal testing...     twitter.com
14d 17h wow!such a wonderful day. $QUN took the No.1 and No.2 in #Huobi Exchange rise list! #QunQun go to the moon…    twitter.com
15d 14h #QunQun Weekly Report(3rd Mar - 9th Mar)    twitter.com
16d 15h Happy Women's Day...     twitter.com
22d 12h #QunQun Progress Report (24th Feb - 2nd Mar) The beta version of QunQun App will be released limitedly before long,…    twitter.com
22d 12h Infants round on the sky, the ground people happy, everything is round! Spend, and King, and feeling better!     twitter.com
25d 13h Welcome Bill Cheng join #QunQun! Bill is a UED Visual Designer with over 7 years experience of design effort, used…    twitter.com
1m 1d 11h #QunQun Weekly Report coming on time.(17th Feb - 23rd Feb)    twitter.com
1m 2d 13h #QunQun has distributed the third unlock $QUN on Feb 22, 2018. Now, 349,367,127 $QUN are circulating in the market.…    twitter.com
1m 2d 13h The new year started coding.☕️    twitter.com
1m 10d 7h #Airdrop #QunQun Happy Chinese New Year! #QunQun wish you a fabulous Chinese New Year, full of joy & prosperity in…    twitter.com

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