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3h From the recent @Medium blog (https://t.co/bc2uwP97UM), a visualization of our progress, and what still has to be d…    twitter.com
5h From team member Jack, "The Final Countdown: mainnet progress update" on @Medium details the current state and rema…    twitter.com
5h The Final Countdown: Mainnet progress update    reddit.com
7h From team member Jack, "Event: BlockDelhi Conference — February 21st" has been published on @Medium QRL is very p…    twitter.com
7h Event: BlockDelhi Conference — February 21st    reddit.com
7h 월요일 $QRL 업데이트: - Ephimeral 작업 흐름이 예제로 문서화됨 - 레저나노S: 리팩토링/정리작업 - 체인 상태 동기화 수정 - 블록 타임 스탬프 수정 - 블록 탐색기: Grpc 데이터 API…    twitter.com
7h From the recent @Medium blog, a visualtion of our progress, and what still has to be done before we launch our Main…    twitter.com
7h Monday's $QRL Update: - Ephemeral workflow documented with examples - Ledger Nano S: refactoring/cleanup at work -…    twitter.com
10h Frozen addresses and Bitcoin quantum proofing. - from /r/bitcoin    reddit.com
19h How you understand mid q1 of 2018 ? Does it not mean middle of the first Quarter of 2018 ?    reddit.com
1d 9h Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)    reddit.com
2d 15h Mainnet launch mid Q1    reddit.com
2d 15h Mainnet launch mid Q1 2018    reddit.com
3d 7h 금요일 $QRL 업데이트: - GitHub에서 프로젝트 추적 가능 - Ephemeral을 위한 안드로이드 통합 고려 중 - 모의 채굴풀이 준비됨/작동 중 - WOTS의 레저나노S 구현이 수정/테스트됨 -…    twitter.com
3d 7h Friday's $QRL Update: - Enabled project tracking on GitHub - Looking at Android integration for Ephemeral - Mining…    twitter.com
3d 7h We have published a new @Medium blog post from our advisor, Robby Dermody, "It takes a community to raise a crypto"…    twitter.com
4d 21h New Silicon Chip-Based Quantum Computer Passes Major Test    reddit.com
4d 23h Wow! That's a big drop    reddit.com
5d 4h One Week to #BlockDelhi ! Our Marketing Manager, Adam, is giving the opening keynote. His talk is on "Deploying Win…    twitter.com
5d 7h 수요일 $QRL 업데이트: - 베타넷 v.0.60.7이 안정적으로 운영 중 - 팀 멤버 인터뷰 2건 - 새로운 QRL 주소 포맷이 구현됨 - 블록 탐색기의 마지막 거래 API 문제 해결 - 블록 타임스탬프와…    twitter.com
5d 7h Wednesday's $QRL Update: - BetaNet v.0.60.7 is up and stable - Interviewed 2 potential hires - New QRL address form…    twitter.com
5d 8h From our teams to yours, we would like to wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day! This year, get your valentine som…    twitter.com
5d 18h Could somebody from this team ELI5 me Quantum Random Number Generators?    reddit.com
6d 3h How-To Video on setting up a QRL PoW BetaNet - YouTube    reddit.com
6d 3h ATTENTION: Those who have been interested in the QRL PoW BetaNet, we now have a How-To video up on our @YouTube pag…    twitter.com
7d 7h 월요일 $QRL 업데이트: - 향상된 Qryptonight 난이도 측정 - 자동으로 나쁜 노드 금지 기능 추가 - 레저 - WOTS 서명, 테스팅을 위해 qrllib 통합 - 팀원 추가를 위해 네 개의 면접…    twitter.com
7d 7h Monday's $QRL Update: - Improved Qryptonight Difficulty Measurement - Added IP Ban to automatically bad peers - Led…    twitter.com
7d 7h "The quantum clock is ticking on encryption – and your data is under threat" from @WIRED discusses the threat posed…    twitter.com
8d 2h Main net! When? This week?    reddit.com
9d 7h "Why the SEC & CFTC Senate Hearing Is Bullish for Crypto (Especially LTC, IOTA, XLM, XRB, & QRL)" - Discusses how p…    twitter.com

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