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  • 30 Jan 2018


Quoine Liquid (QASH): Private Event in Vietnam  30 Jan 2018  (published 1 month 27 days ago)

HackerX-QUOINE partnership private event to present their new products in Vietnam.
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Quoine Liquid Latest News:

1d 7h RT @CoinLive_IO: Time for question sourcing! We are preparing an interview with Katherine Ng @kathyjah, VP of Marketing at @QUOINE_SG. If y…    twitter.com
1d 12h 1 more hour to #QUOINE Chief Trading Officer Andre Pemmelaar's #AMA via Facebook Live at, h…    twitter.com
1d 15h Dear QUOINERS, Our leadership team is reaching new heights with a number of key hires. Chief People Officer Jason…    twitter.com
1d 15h Our leadership team is reaching new heights with a number of key hires. Chief People Officer Jason Wagner will over…    twitter.com
1d 15h Dear QUOINERS, Many thanks to all of you who took part in our vote to decide which subreddit we should use: /r/QASH…    twitter.com
1d 18h #IPSX will be listed and tradable on #IPSX is a decentralized exchange for sharing IP addr…    twitter.com
1d 21h The rollout of our #WorldBook will be phased. The first step is the Internal World Book beta with limited currencie…    twitter.com
2d 9h $UKG is LIVE on QRYPTOS! Unikrn is a global esports platform built on cutting edge blockchain and gaming technologi…    twitter.com
2d 17h Please beware of any QASH giveaway, contest or airdrop program that isn't announced from our official social media…    twitter.com
2d 19h We will soon be proud to present to our customers the #WorldBook beta, the first step towards realizing our vision…    twitter.com
2d 22h #QUOINE Chief Trading Officer Andre Pemmelaar will be doing an #AMA on March 23th at 9PM SGT (GMT+8) on Facebook Li…    twitter.com
3d 11h RT @swee_rong: Mike & KJ AMA Part 2 WILL be carried out in robes. We will achieve this. @JewKorean, there is no turning back now. Coming s…    twitter.com
3d 11h MobileGo is now LIVE on QRYPTOS. #MobileGo is a smart token that can facilitate peer-to-peer matchplay and decentr…    twitter.com
3d 14h One more our to #QUOINE VP of Operations Seth Melamed and #Havven Founder Kain Warwick's #AMA via…    twitter.com
3d 16h Enhanced Markets page is now available on #QUOINEX and #QRYPTOS with: - Higher $BTC volume markets will be display…    twitter.com
3d 17h #UnikoinGold will be listed on QRYPTOS. UniKoin give people who want to experience the thrill and enjoyment of Espo…    twitter.com
3d 21h In case you needed another reason to take part in the $QASH rewards refer-a-friend programme, registered users of…    twitter.com
4d 8h /r/QASH or /r/LiquidQASH: you decide    reddit.com
4d 11h We are happy to announce that Havven is now LIVE on QRYPTOS. #Havven is a decentralised payment network and stablec…    twitter.com
4d 12h "There’s no #blockchain ⛓️ out there that can provide the high performance, low latency, continuous liquidity to bu…    twitter.com
4d 16h Dear QUOINERS, #QUOINE VP of Operations Seth Melamed and #Havven Founder Kain Warwick will hold an AMA at 6PM SGT…    twitter.com
4d 21h #WAWLLET is the world’s first multi-asset wallet and personal financial passport. It connects people, banks and fin…    twitter.com
4d 21h There is a fake mobile QRYPTOS app available on Google Play. This is a phishing attempt to acquire your personal in…    twitter.com
4d 23h Our Co-founder and CEO Mike Kayamori will be speaking at #TOKEN2049 in HongKong on March 20th - 21st, #TOKEN2049 is…    twitter.com
5d 15h We are glad to announce that Havven will be listed on QRYPTOS #Havven is a decentralised payment network and stabl…    twitter.com
5d 17h We are getting ever closer to the beta launch of #LIQUIDbyQUOINE.     twitter.com
5d 21h QUOINE Co-founder and CEO Mike Kayamori will be speaking at #TOKEN2049 event on 20 March, panel "Japan: The Early A…    twitter.com
6d 7h Coming up next week, we have an AMA with #QUOINE Chief Trading Officer Andre Pemmelaar. Here’s a clip from a past A…    twitter.com
6d 22h Mike’s weekend message to #QUOINE community (March 17th, 2018) regarding: - Product Development - Marketing - Opera…    twitter.com
7d 8h Dear QUOINERS, Your security is our priority. Please make sure you take all necessary precautions to protect yours…    twitter.com

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