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Capitalization: $89282385


  • 6 Apr 2018 — 31 Jan 2018


Oyster Pearl (PRL): Airdrop 1 PRL:1 SHL  6 Apr 2018  (published 8 days ago)

Airdrop for the SHL token will be held on 6th April, 2018. The SHL token will be airdropped at a ratio of 1 PRL:1 SHL for current PRL holders.
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Oyster Pearl (PRL): Coin Burn  1 Mar 2018  (published 22 days ago)

Oyster will burning ~10 million PRL on 1st March, 2018.
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Oyster Pearl (PRL): Testnet A Release   31 Jan 2018  (published 30 days ago)

Initial Testnet will demonstrate the first use of the IOTA tangle for decentralized, anonymous storage.
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