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Populous Latest News:

13h Help me with Populous    reddit.com
22h Populous Founder & CEO Nico Williams: We Don't Need Any Third Party Services    reddit.com
1d 10h RT @iamstevenico: @BlueBarracudas2 After the platform goes live we will release some of the functional and legal paperwork. Some paperwork…    twitter.com
1d 10h RT @iamstevenico: @kcharles96 You can trade invoices with any amount of PPT. In the whitepaper we said we are removing barriers to entry an…    twitter.com
1d 10h RT @iamstevenico: If anyone needs answers to questions about the Populous Platform, feel free to ask. Don't be afraid.    twitter.com
1d 10h RT @iamstevenico: Who is ready to trade the first invoice on Populous when the platform goes live?    twitter.com
1d 10h RT @iamstevenico: So proud of the Populous team, without them this would not be possible.    twitter.com
1d 10h RT @iamstevenico: "The past is not an indication of the future but experienced gained to change the future". Get ready for Populous Platfor…    twitter.com
1d 10h RT @iamstevenico: We are almost done. @BitPopulous    twitter.com
1d 17h Why PPT supporters need FUD    reddit.com
2d 2h Crypto Conversations Podcast #3: Populous review. Feedback welcome.    reddit.com
2d 22h RT @iamstevenico: 1. Invoice buyer deposits PPT and receives Pokens and trades invoice. 2. Gold is sold to cover the Pokens issued 3. Invo…    twitter.com
2d 22h RT @iamstevenico: You can only use PPT to buy invoices on Populous. No fiat invoice buyers. #goldstandard    twitter.com
3d 6h Legendary    reddit.com
3d 16h Add to have a fun time     reddit.com
3d 16h Subscribe to our Youtube channel for conducting interviews, tutorials and a whole lot more.    twitter.com
4d 19h Vaulty.io lists PPT!    reddit.com
4d 22h Made a new TA about Populous! (60% profit target in 5 days)    reddit.com
5d 4h I know the true source behind all this FUD.    reddit.com
5d 13h PPT = Passive Income    reddit.com
5d 17h +24% in 24hrs!    reddit.com
5d 18h Please do not deposit real PPT. There are clear warnings across the platform about not using real PPT. We will allo…    twitter.com
5d 18h BETA v2 is now open and ready to trade invoices. Do not deposit real PPT.    twitter.com
5d 20h     twitter.com
5d 21h Populous Onward and Upward    reddit.com
6d 6h Populous: Fact and Fiction    reddit.com
6d 9h Weekly FUDsters Post    reddit.com
6d 18h Beware of this "5anJack" guy!!!    reddit.com
6d 18h RT @iamstevenico: We are ahead of schedule.    twitter.com
6d 22h The release of ‘Beta v2.0’ is set to release 16/02/2018    reddit.com

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