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  • 31 Jan 2018


PayPie (PPP): Alpha Version Launch  31 Jan 2018  (published 3 months 24 days ago)

Launch date of Alpha version is January 31, 2018.
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PayPie Latest News:

3d 5h Bitcoin will replace the dollar in 10 years says Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey
3d 11h Bitcoin will skyrocket now after positive G20 remarks
9d 14h Declare your stand on cryptocurrencies, Indian government told
10d 4h 3.14% of All Sailors Are #Pi Rates! Arrrgh! Happy Pay #PiDay =)
16d 6h Vlad Nistor of CoinFlux says they have a winning formula to take over Europe
19d 6h Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin in market cap, says Roger Ver
21d 5h Paypie update!! This is why the price is 39% up!!
22d Great news everybody! PayPie has joined the @EntEthAlliance, the world’s largest open source blockchain initiative…
24d 15h Hackers use double cryptocurrency miners to exploit an Oracle server Vulnerability
1m 6h Belfius Bank Vs Crypto community after closure of trader's bank account
1m 3d 7h Free cryptocurrency at Zaif exchange due to software glitch (worth $20 T) . Situation now under control
1m 4d 14h The White House to take a measured approach towards regulating cryptocurrencies
1m 9d 21h You can now use ForkDelta to buy PPP tokens. FD is finally up and running with their new independent order tracking.
1m 14d 1h PPP is live on IDEX (today IDEX surpassed EtherDelta in trade volume)
1m 14d 4h Anyone use
1m 14d 8h The paypie market is dead in etherdelta
1m 15d 2h PayPie just announced partnership with Debitum for credit risk assessment. Debitum currently in ICO stage appears will be serious contender to Populous.... Anticipate there will be further adoption in the industry. This is very good news for PayPie team a
1m 15d 3h PayPie and @DebitumNetwork announced today that the #business credit risk assessment powered by #blockchain provide…
1m 15d 20h Etherdelta for Paypie is Ugly
1m 16d Interesting read: McAfee’s cryptocurrency poll results are finally out
1m 17d 3h PayPie Review by Chico Crypto. Working Alpha, and Clear Roadmap. Bullish!
1m 17d 22h Did the New York Fashion Week unofficially endorse Bitcoin?
1m 23d 8h No Crypto currency and Bitcoin Ban in India FuD!
1m 24d 9h How to predict altcoins and Bitcoin’s price with no chart reading skill
1m 24d 14h RMG currency: Royal Mint (UK's Money supplier) launches Gold Backed Cryptocurrency.
1m 25d 4h First of its kind: Football transfer completed in Cryptocurrencies
1m 25d 14h PayPie has been added to the Cheddur app!
1m 25d 16h 5 best performing Altcoins of the past 24 Hours. Pay pie on the news
1m 26d 1h Our brand new PayPie Alpha is out! Fresh from the oven for you! Check it out! #GoPayPie…

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