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  • 12 Dec 2017


PeerCoin (PPC): Soft Fork  12 Dec 2017  (published 3 months 11 days ago)

v0.6 soft fork will activate on Tue 12 Dec 03:40:00 UTC if 90% of the last 1,000 PoS blocks come from a v0.6 client
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PeerCoin Latest News:

4h Peercoin (PPC) available to track on CryptoPricer
1d 19h Play Games & win peercoin! **[Play Now]**
2d 2h If I wanted to sell some of my old tech stuff for Peercoins, where should I go to do that?
6d 22h Calculating target in Peercoin's PoS
6d 22h Okay to be using v0.5?
7d 1h Stake Lottery in the code?
7d 11h Peercoin can now be used on Luckygames!
7d 23h So, what's going on with this coin :o
9d Been investing in PPC for 3+ years. 6M chart shows an exciting 2018! (chart)
10d 7h RT @DVranjicic: My first article on @bitfallscom regarding @PeercoinPPC, check it out! #Peercoin
10d 9h Peercoin Explained: The Proof of Stake Pioneer - Bitfalls
10d 9h Thanks to Bitfalls for a well written article that expands on #Peercoin and its current ecosystem and development p…
10d 14h Soon you might be able to trade Peercoin with a tap - along 100+ other cryptos - on atlas
11d 5h Update #12: Peercoin v0.6.2 Released
11d 5h Peercoin v0.6.2 is now released. For changelog and binaries, visit the following link:
12d 3h Google trends - Peercoin
13d 2h Close dat weekly, you dirty little birdie! $ppc
13d 10h Peercoin binance?
13d 22h 24 sat seems to be the bottom for peercoin vs btc
14d 3h Peercoin back in the top 10. Mining profitability.
17d 1h Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake Explained - Peercoin Mentioned
17d 5h Next two weeks big. Hope you’re ready for next bull run, peercoin community.
20d 21h What the heck is a negative fee?
23d 8h Peercoin $ppc
1m 12h Downloaded wallet.
1m 1d 6h Why Peercoin wont boon, it'll just be the last man standing once the coin-holocaust is over
1m 1d 8h VEE anyone investing?
1m 1d 11h What Is Peercoin?
1m 2d 3h Peercoin
1m 2d 10h Indicium, Peercoin’s first DAC based on PeerAssets, has released a progress update on all the developments that have taken place over the past eight months.

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