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  • 23 Jan 2018


Power Ledger (POWR): World Economic Forum in Davos  23 Jan 2018  (published 3 months 24 days ago)

Co-Founder Dr. Jemma Green will speak at the World Economic Forum on behalf of Global Blockchain Business Council’s event.
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Power Ledger Latest News:

17h POWR in Palm Beach Confidential report says buy up to $0.85    reddit.com
20h I know btc is taking everyone down but POWR is sinking like a bag of rocks. -4000 SATS, GAWD DAYUM. BUY! BUY! BUY!    reddit.com
23h Anya and Duncan from the Power Ledger team at Western Power's #PowerHack2018 pictured with Mayor of Albany, Dennis…    twitter.com
23h Our Chair Dr. Jemma Green's latest for @Forbes on how #deletefacebook highlights the benefits of blockchain.     twitter.com
1d 8h Upcoming Event: Inspiring Leader Summit in Sydney, Australia - April 10, 2018    reddit.com
1d 13h Dr. Jemma Green's latest on Forbes: #DeleteFacebook Highlights The Benefits Of Blockchain    reddit.com
1d 13h RT @msjemmagreen: My latest on @Forbes: How the #deletefacebook trend highlights the benefits of #blockchaintechnology     twitter.com
1d 18h In case you missed it, here's @msjemmagreen's talk from @StartupGrind Sydney.     twitter.com
2d 12h Power Ledger team members chatting with guests at UWA's Young Engineers Industry Night.    twitter.com
2d 15h RT @SmartCompany: “The space is not as easy and free now as it once was.”    twitter.com
2d 15h Aussie blockchain company Power Ledger is consulting with the ATO to shape how ICO proceeds are taxed    reddit.com
2d 22h Power Ledger MD @DavdMartn presenting at UWA's Young Engineers Industry Night last night    twitter.com
3d 16h PowerLedger’s Advisor, Bill Tai, AMA with AirSwap is LIVE!    reddit.com
3d 19h Timeline for actual trading of excess electricity    reddit.com
3d 21h Join @msjemmagreen at tonight's AWA Sundowner to discuss the impact of blockchain, the Smart City & Suburbs program…    twitter.com
4d 10h The Kyber Network Exchange Is Now Open - You Can Now Trade POWR Instantly From Your Wallet!    reddit.com
4d 17h Dr. Jemma Green's latest on Forbes: How Blockchain Is Replacing Branding As A Source Of Trust    reddit.com
4d 18h RT @msjemmagreen: My latest on @Forbes covers how blockchain is solving the multiagency problem.     twitter.com
4d 20h Why does Powerledger NOT participate the EventHorizon annual event in Berlin?    reddit.com
5d 13h Cryptocurrency Exchange Development: The Challenges    reddit.com
5d 14h Once you paid the fee and secured POWR, you don't have to move it back to an exchange if you think the price is going to drop    reddit.com
5d 21h RT @bitpaction: @PowerLedger_io We are pleased to announce that we have listed Power Ledger (POWR). POWR/BTC and POWR/ETH trading pairs ar…    twitter.com
6d Weekly Discussion: 19th March - 25th March, 2018    reddit.com
6d 14h To those who are worried about their holdings    reddit.com
7d 15h RT @GBBCouncil: David Martin, co-founder of @PowerLedger_io and Veronica Garcia, founder of @bitlumens - discuss applications for #blockcha…    twitter.com
7d 22h New podcast with Dr. Jemma Green for The Crypto Clothesline: 'Jemma is truly a disruptive innovator in the blockchain community'    reddit.com
7d 22h New podcast with @msjemmagreen for The Crypto Clothesline: 'Jemma is truly a disruptive innovator in the blockchain…    twitter.com
8d 2h Is Anyone else's power ledger wallet on bittrex down ?    reddit.com
8d 18h One of My Students Mentioned Power Ledger in His Solar Energy Report!!    reddit.com
9d 17h Sorry For The Normal Service, Things Will Soon Be Disrupted    reddit.com

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