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Opporty Latest News:

2h Opporty Updates: February 15–21, 2018    reddit.com
18h Opporty Updates Token Sale Structure, Implements New Policy for Unsold Tokens    reddit.com
18h Hi all! A pretty important #Opporty update here. Please, check out the recent changes in our token sale structure,…    twitter.com
1d ICO Opporty - ОБЗОР - платформа для маркетинга нового поколения.    reddit.com
1d Привет всем! Russian-speaking #Opporty followers keep creating new video reviews of our project. This one is kindly…    twitter.com
1d 23h Hello everyone! We are excited to announce the launch of our new Bounty Campaign! You are welcome to check out the…    twitter.com
2d 17h Dear #Opporty contributors! We know a lot of you are concerned about the additional bonuses you were supposed to re…    twitter.com
2d 18h How (and When) Can You View Additional Bonuses on Your Presale Contribution?    reddit.com
5d 18h NY Accounting Firm Makes History by Officially Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments for Its Services!    reddit.com
5d 18h Wow! #Opporty has opened the doors for mass adoption of #cryptocurrencies in NY! Universal Accounting Systems has b…    twitter.com
6d 21h     twitter.com
7d 18h Opporty Updates: February 8–14, 2018    reddit.com
7d 18h Today is Valentine's Day, and we would like to show you how much we care about you, our dear Opporty users and enth…    twitter.com
7d 19h Opporty ICO | Spanish versions of the ICO landing page and whitepaper    reddit.com
7d 19h Hola amigos! We are excited to share some good news with our Spanish-speaking audience. Our Spanish versions of the…    twitter.com
7d 21h Hey, Opporty followers and supporters! With Valentine Week here, entire Opporty team wishes you a Happy Valentine's…    twitter.com
8d 23h Dear Opporty Supporters, We keep receiving messages that contributors get attacked by scammers. Be aware that OUR O…    twitter.com
8d 23h Dear followers and supporters of Opporty, Beware of scammers! There is only one place to find Opporty smart contract address is your personal account at !!    reddit.com
12d 22h Hey guys, We've found our first video review in Chinese! Many thanks for this #OPPORTY #Token Review in #Chinese wi…    twitter.com
14d 2h Did you pass KYC/AI verifications? Hurry up to get an additional bonus of 5 percent. Only four hours left!…    twitter.com
14d 19h Opporty joins Crowdholding!    reddit.com
14d 20h Hi all! Over the past week, we were very busy getting ready to our exclusive presale, yet made a considerable progr…    twitter.com
14d 21h We are finally releasing our latest version of Opporty Marketplace, 1.0! We are delivering our promises according t…    twitter.com
14d 22h You have time limit to get your 5% extra bonus. 24 hours left. ➡️ https://t.co/44IKjy1SMS #Opporty #Eth #TokenSale…    twitter.com
14d 23h Join us on Telegram to check questions from other participants, meet our team members, and ask us what you need to…    twitter.com
15d 2h 555 ETH Raised in the First 24 Hours! Presale continues... 5% bonus until February,8. Start to contribute here:…    twitter.com
15d 21h Don’t miss your chance to get an additional 5% bonus! This special offer is valid until 2 pm UTC (9 am EST) Februar…    twitter.com
16d Hey Guys. Two hours left to get additional 10% bonus! Pass the Know Your Customer and Accredited Investor verificat…    twitter.com
16d 15h Hey guys, we have raised 500 ETH in less than 3 hours! Many thanks and bonuses to our early contributors. It's not…    twitter.com

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