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  • 13 Mar 2018


Nexus (NXS): APAC Blockchain Conference In Melbourne  13 Mar 2018  (published 12 days ago)

Nexus will have a presence at the APAC Blockchain Conference in Melbourne on 13-15 March, 2018.
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Nexus Latest News:

6h RT @vectorspacesys: Check out the latest from @thesheetztweetz to find out why @vectorspacesys and CEO @jamesncantrell see a market for lau…
8h Nexus integrates with the LISP Network Architecture. Colin has been working closely with Dino to include our efforts to future proof Nexus. Security, Speed and Scalability.
10h Nexus is happy to Announce the Integration of the LISP Network Architecture which allows The Nexus Blockchain to…
1d 2h Top 100 nexus bag holders increasing nexus holdings
1d 5h RT @jamesncantrell: Successful test of our Gen II first stage engine for @vectorspacesys Vector-R launch vehicle with 3D printed injector…
1d 10h Nexus staking.
1d 11h
1d 14h Nexus Lower Level Library Will Benefit Every Dotcom, Fortune 500, and Network on Earth. — 20x ROI by 2020
2d 6h Free Giveaway For 100 NXS (at least) - Week 2
3d 17h Nexus Earth will be co-hosting United We Stand Festival A Solution-Based Movement Uniting Students with Conscious…
4d 8h Vector Space gains access into Asia market, opens door for Nexus
4d 12h Update on the cube sats and proposed launch dates.
4d 13h Tritium wallet
4d 18h RT @metasouls: Wow!!! Nice move @jamesncantrell & @vectorspacesys - this is bold, expanding commercial access to space across Asia! Can’t w…
4d 20h RT @icoalert: Here are 5 #cryptocurrency teams building resistance to #quantum attacks – and how they’re doing it. Article by @bitgenstein…
5d 3h Why can't anyone answer this question. do mods actually know what they are talking about?
5d 11h Pete from our community, has written a piece on Quantum Computing and the vulnerability of BTC. Shout out to Nexus and a few others
5d 13h Hold a decent amount of Nexus and Going In for A Dip!
5d 15h More engineered FUD by Lagarde and Google.
5d 20h Nexus and privacy ?
6d 4h RT @vectorspacesys: Sad news about Stephen, there will never be another quite like him. "Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Tr…
6d 13h Please Welcome the Nexus Development Team! (So far)
6d 15h Nexus has grown to 10,000 on Facebook Thanks to our amazing Community. We Are Nexus! Join us today at:…
6d 22h Secret history of Nexus?
7d 6h In Melbourne? Stop by APAC Blockchain Australia and visit the Nexus booth through March 15th WE ARE NEXUS!!…
7d 12h It's Monday - Continuing the Nexus Party!
7d 13h Nexus is approaching 10,000 likes on Facebook Help us reach it by joining #Nexus #Facebook #WeAreNexus #community
8d 4h APAC Blockchain Conference In Melbourne. 13 Mar 2018
8d 8h Free Raffle Giveaway For 100 Nexus (and growing)
8d 13h RT @jamesncantrell: Our @vectorspacesys next generation Stage 1 main engine putting out nominal 6,000 lbs of thrust and one of three engine…

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