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Capitalization: $109206000


  • 28 Mar 2018 — 31 Jan 2018


Nuls (NULS): Meetup In Singapore  28 Mar 2018  (published 12 days ago)

The first NULS meetup in Singapore will be held on 28 March, 2018.
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Nuls (NULS): Website Main Page Redesign  8 Mar 2018  (published 24 days ago)

NULS official website (main page) will be publicated on 8th March, 2018.
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Nuls (NULS): StarChain Airdrop  31 Jan 2018  (published 2 months 8 days ago)

StarChain (SCC) airdrops to NULS holders. SCC will be airdropped on 31st January after wallet verification.
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Nuls Latest News:

3h Anyone notice the circulating supply doubling from 20m to 40m?? Wtf
3h What factors are important for staking threshold decision?
7h PoC Payout Period?
8h A thought just occurred to me regarding the amount to stake.
8h Nuls is listed at 100 on Coinmarketcap!
9h How to buy Nuls from Coinswitch in 4 simple steps
1d 5h NULS website design rewards
1d 5h Nuls China’s Undiscovered Blockchain Platform by Lex Gov
1d 8h When will the new website go live?
2d 9h Upcoming Event: Public Testnet - March 31, 2018
2d 12h Meetup In Singapore. 28 Mar 2018
3d 8h Altcoin Analysis- NULS Deep Dive and Coin Review
3d 14h Bought Nuls at the bottom, I am stoked.
4d We have finally made it! Congrats everybody, but the best is yet to come!
4d 1h Coinmarketcap fixed circulating supply!
4d 8h Sneak peek of NULS wallet, just compiled
4d 12h NULS Testnet has officially begun! #NULS
4d 12h We’re happy to announce that test net phases are beginning . The first phase is private for internal or “inner-test…
5d Better to stake or to trade?
5d 9h Minimum that can be earned on staking 2K Nuls
5d 10h Nuls in Daily Crypto Listings on Exchanges
5d 11h Tomorrow is test-net.
5d 14h Steaking rewards
6d 9h Upcoming Event: Listing on BBAEX - March 18, 2018
6d 10h Request NULS developers/team to give different name to staking reward coin
7d 11h BBAEX exchange list NULS on March 18
7d 14h NULS will be listed on #BBAEX. Deposits will be opened at 10AM March 18th, trading will commence at 10AM March 19th.
8d 2h Nuls - Rated 48th overall (A1 highest) in Darpal GitHub Ratings
8d 2h If EOS delivers how will Nuls and other small blockchain projects gain traction?

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