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  • 24 Feb 2018


Nebulas (NAS): Reddit AMA With Hitter Xu  24 Feb 2018  (published 1 month 15 days ago)

Live AMA with Nebulas founder Hitters Xu on Reddit will start on 24th February, 2018.
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Nebulas Latest News:

2h How do you think the Nebulas team is going to market their product down the road?
3h What does everybody think of the announcement that Google is creating its own blockchain?
4h NAS swap once mainnet is launch
4h Within 20 days after the Mainnet launch, #Nebulas✨ will return NAS ERC20 tokens (Lock 1 and Return 2) to community…
10h What makes you bullish ?
16h Security of Nebulas Smart Contracts
17h Will we still be able to store Nas on MEW after token swap?
21h LFG to potentially work on Nebulas Projects (MyEtherWallet, MetaMask)
1d 11h What's next for blockchain? What are the key trends for 2018? Do you know the differences, when thinking in blockch…
1d 12h Best community right here. You guys and behind the scenes.
2d Will there be any staking reward for holding NAS tokens ?
2d clarity on bookkeeping / master nodes?
2d 1h Quick Reminder - Be safe with your Nebulas Tokens!
2d 11h Nebulas is now a sponsor of the LLVM Foundation, right next to Facebook and Intel.
2d 14h Nebulas Weekly Report #21
2d 15h #Nebulasweeklyreport This week #Nebulas✨ set the launch date for Mainnet 1.0, launched the Nebulas explorer
5d 6h IMPORTANT: There’s no official announcement about NAS coin swapping yet, please DO NOT trust anyone who contact you…
5d 13h My view on why the additional issuing of tokens following the launch of mainnet will not negatively impact price.
5d 13h We would like to invite everyone from the #Nebulas community to join us at our Grand Opening event  of #NASCenter—…
5d 13h Nebulas will hold a grand opening celebrating our #NASCenter headquarters in #SF and the release of our Mainnet 1.0…
5d 13h Nebulas SF HQ Grand Opening & Mainnet Launch Celebration
5d 19h How do I navigate the Nebulas Blockchain Explorer?
6d 12h Our development team just launch our Nebulas testnet Nebulas Explorer.
6d 15h Been seeing some wrong info on the mainnet release date
6d 15h Our development team just launch our #Nebulas testnet Nebulas explorer. We sincerely look for any of our community…
6d 17h What are some other good buys?
7d 2h Nebulas MORE than “just” the google of the blockchain
7d 5h Partnership with Dolphin Browser
7d 9h Nebulas Lab (project accelerator/incubator)
7d 10h Nebulas can be improved. Here's how.

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