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  • 23 Feb 2018 — 19 Jan 2018


Mothership (MSP): Meetup in Tallin  23 Feb 2018  (published 2 months 11 days ago)

Arseniy Zarechnev, CEO & Co-Founder at Mothership, will attending “The New Era in Digital Identification” meetup in Tallinn on 23 February, 2018.
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Mothership (MSP): Keynotes and Q&A  19 Jan 2018  (published 3 months 22 days ago)

Keynotes and Q&A at "The New Era in Digital Identification" in Tallinn, Estonia on the 19th January.
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Mothership Latest News:

8d 3h What did you think of the U.S. House Subcommittee Hearing? Watch the recording at Featuri…
10d 10h RT @consensus_ai: Read the Consensus AI project quartely update, March 2018:
13d 4h Tired of bad customer service on exchanges? Meet @AcaLazarevic, our new Head of Customer Success. He'll change the…
20d 5h With the exchange coming up, our support framework is also building up. We'd like to introduce you to our official…
22d 7h February blog post from Mothership! This time, we share the event outcome, livestream, and roadmap updates.…
23d 7h Mothership Livestream with @evindor and @HyunLee has been recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Watch it now at…
24d 4h The New Era in Digital Identification is a success with over 200 attendees! Read our Field Notes here:…
1m 6h 2 more hours until the livestream. Make sure to participate and get your questions answered!
1m 1d 4h Tune in tomorrow at 17:00 UTC+2 for our livestream featuring @evindor We'll answer some
1m 7d 6h BBC's @BBCRoryCJ and @Jatusmaximus came by our office earlier this week to interview Mothership. We discussed lau…
1m 13d 1h We noticed a bug affecting a tiny percentage of users. Due to this bug, some users may see missing SEN in their Gen…
1m 13d 3h RT @consensus_ai: World Citizen Airdrop Update — link your ethereum wallet now to get your $SEN tokens!
1m 13d 3h Genesis $SEN Airdrop Dashboard is back! Things you can do: ✔️ Log in and check your SEN balance ✔️ Enter your Eth…
1m 16d 3h Watch the Senate Banking Committee's hearing on cryptocurrency regulation:
1m 21d 10h 23/02/2018 is the last day of 100 years since the Republic of Estonia achieved independence. What better way to c…
1m 22d 3h Read our January 2018 blog post at The blog includes our accomplishments and development…
1m 25d 10h RT @consensus_ai: SEN token airdrop is completed. Next Steps.
1m 27d 21h The Consensus World Citizen Airdrop was completed successfully! 20,000,000 SEN allocated to supporters in 186 coun…
1m 28d 3h ⏳ We have depleted 90% of all $SEN allocated for the Consensus World Citizen Airdrop. Only 2,000,000 $SEN remaining…
1m 28d 15h Over 50% of $SEN allocated for the program is airdropped to people of 169 countries - and our teams are thrilled with how global the launch turned out to be! Participate in SEN World Citizen Airdrop on Genesis -
1m 28d 19h Consensus AI (consensus_ai) is a global project. The World Citizen Airdrop is open to all early supporters around the world! We are 10 hours into the airdrop and nearly 40% of the pool is gone. Good morning Asia, claim your $SEN at
1m 28d 19h
1m 28d 21h Over 30% of the SEN allocated have been depleted, it's been roughly 6 hours since launch. It’s not too late to reserve your $SEN, the native token of Consensus AI (@consensus_ai). Sign up now Use your referral code to invit
1m 28d 23h
1m 28d 23h Did you register an account on Genesis? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on your $SEN airdrop. Get the native token of Consensus AI (@consensus_ai) at The pool is depleting fast, don't miss out!
1m 29d 3h Thousands of people claiming their $SEN World Citizen Airdrop - and the pool is depleting fast! Scaled up the services and everything should be smooth now - claim yours!
1m 29d 3h Thousands of people claiming their $SEN World Citizen Airdrop
1m 29d 3h Damn, everyone wants that $SEN Airdrop, thousands people on the site, scaling up! Should be working again now
1m 29d 3h RT @evindor: Damn, everyone wants that $SEN Airdrop, thousands people on the site, scaling up! Should be working again now ✌️
1m 29d 3h We are receiving overwhelming interest! Please note that we are keeping a close eye on the website and actively scaling our servers to handle the traffic. Thank you for your patience.

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