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Melon Latest News:

12h Over $6.2 Mln In Crypto Assets Lost To Fraud, Hacks In Japan Last Year
13h Great to see the different companies in the community working together!
1d 2h Major European Fintech Investor And Announce $100 Mln Fund For EOS Projects
1d 3h CryptoKitties Receives $12 Mln In Funding From Big Name Investors
1d 12h Controversial Tether Issues $300 Mln In New Tokens, Critics React
1d 14h RT @BankFrick: #Tokenization allows turning everything into a bankable #asset – therefor @BankFrick’s partner @Melonport works on a fully r…
2d 8h New Survey Shows Around 26 Mln Americans Own – And 8 Percent Plan To Buy – Cryptocurrencies
2d 9h Melon Price UP 12%
2d 10h (Article in German) There will be a paradigm shift in the world of asset management
2d 11h New Survey Shows Around 26 Mln Americans Own - And 8 Percent Plan To Buy - Cryptocurrencies
2d 13h Blockchain Tech Provider Bitfury Gains Government Approval For $35 Mln Norway Datacenter
2d 15h I Created A Simple Explanation Of Melon For Ordinary People And Newbies. Did I Mention All Technological Benefits/Disadvantages?
3d 11h The #Melon #main-net bug bounty program is now over. Thanks to all who participated in helping make future Melon users secure
3d 12h RT @PaoloTasca: in few hours I will land to Prague for an interesting policy meeting on #blockchain at the Czech National .@CNB_cz on THE F…
6d 18h Swiss Embassy UK hosts a blockchain event in London with some of the leading minds from Crypto Valley
6d 18h Melonport's Mona El Isa discussing the future of blockchain at this year's START Summit
7d 4h First Bitcoin Mainnet Lightning Network Product Launches As Developers Net $2.5 Mln
7d 13h Melonport @START_Summit stage together with @Luzius and @BadertscherMarc @ProcivisAG Feels good to see the leader…
7d 17h #SwissEmbassyUK hosts a series in London on #fintech #crypto, #blockchain @SamChadwickXOR @BitcoinSuisseAG…
8d 5h Effects of Mt. Gox Trustee's $400 Mln Sale on Bitcoin Market
8d 12h We are organizing a #Hackathon on 17 - 19 May 2018 in Lucerne. Developers of all levels are welcome. We will give…
8d 12h We are hosting a Hackathon on 17 - 19 May 2018 in Lucerne, Switzerland. We will give out a total of CHF 50 000 (paid in MLNs) to the winners, you can check out the website here!
9d Onboarding
9d 13h ATTENTION: Tomorrow is the last day you can claim your prize if you are one of the winners of the Melon Manager Co…
10d 19h Melon token inflation removed from initial design.
12d 8h Upcoming Event: Ethereum Community Conference - March 10, 2018
12d 12h RT @golemproject: We’re at #EthCC checking out talks by @MakerDAO @melonport @raiden_network and @gnosisPM among others. Awesome content! C…
12d 12h RT @midas_app: @jennaszenk at #ethcc presenting @melonport journey to the main net
12d 13h Melonport's @jennaszenk hits the stage at ETHCC in #Paris with the latest on #Melon #protocol - > catch her live he…
13d 10h Melonport February Newsletter -

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