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  • 26 Jan 2018


MediterraneanCoin (MED): Blockchain Meetup in Tokyo   26 Jan 2018  (published 1 month 29 days ago)

Wookyun Kho, MediBloc CEO, will presenting MediBloc’s current progress on 26th January, 2018.
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MediterraneanCoin Latest News:

1m 26d 4h Club Med Japan: The coolest ski resort in the world
8m 29d 15h new commit from mrtexaznl :"added commented option (for now)"
3m 7d 18h #MediterraneanCoin integration with a new social platform is in the works!!! :::))) #ad
3m 7d 18h #MediterraneanCoin showbalance !!
4m 9h #MediterraneanCoin sendmedto Mry7mWUDBvgwagY7inNX2r3roGofojtqHw 200 MED
4m 9d 8h #MediterraneanCoin #ad Electrum MED thin client for Windows! Download the installer from
4m 9d 8h #MediterraneanCoin votead 13 , for more info on ads:
4m 9d 8h #MediterraneanCoin Electrum MED client build for Windows is now ready! With installer:
4m 11d 7h #MediterraneanCoin votead 10 , for more info on ads:
4m 12d 8h #MediterraneanCoin sendmedto 100 MED MitKHSJn2vfD8WEpx8z4AiPnVPsjxRh2aq
4m 15d 12h #MediterraneanCoin Pre-release of Windows build of Electrum MED thin client!
4m 15d 13h #MediterraneanCoin votead 13
4m 15d 13h #MediterraneanCoin votead 10
4m 26d 11h I've checked #market #JPC/BTC on @AskCoinNet. Current price is 0.00000010
4m 26d 11h I've created free account on @AskCoinNet exchange.
4m 26d 16h #MediterraneanCoin votead 7
4m 26d 16h #MediterraneanCoin votead 8
6m 20d 20h simplifies the use of #MediterraneanCoin tipbots!

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