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Capitalization: $111928283


  • 25 Jan 2018 — 15 Dec 2017


Decentraland (MANA): Cobinhood Listing   25 Jan 2018  (published 1 month ago)

Decentraland to be listed on Cobinhood on January 25th, 2018.
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Decentraland (MANA): Terraform Event  15 Dec 2017  (published 2 months 9 days ago)

"Over $1.65M USD worth of $MANA tokens has been committed to the Terraform Event"
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Decentraland Latest News:

15h Ignore Karma and reason why    reddit.com
18h One LAND adjacent to Dragon City. Auction ends on Feb 25. 9 PM UTC. Send PM with your user in Rocket Chat to receive an invite for Bitcoinipie Auction channel!    reddit.com
22h 24Hr Auction 1 Prime Plot. No Starting Bid    reddit.com
1d 9h 3 Prime Blocks of LAND: 50k MANA/parcel    reddit.com
1d 22h «Un monde parallèle» n'est plus une métaphore, c'est Decentraland!    reddit.com
1d 23h RT @barrysilbert: "Decentraland comes closest to the ‘Ready Player One’ virtual reality. Its advanced VR platform is powered by Ethereum’s…    twitter.com
2d 4h Sell three plots of land near the center of the Genesis Plaza!    reddit.com
2d 9h Mana whenua members walk out of meeting over Te Mata peak track    stuff.co.nz
2d 14h Auctioning Land Adjacent to Fluffy DC and next to the famous Aetherian District starting at only 12000 MANA!    reddit.com
2d 21h Auction: Two connected LANDs 1K starting bid    reddit.com
2d 23h Selling my lands very near Genesis Plaza. PM Offer (only serious please)    reddit.com
3d 1h RT @monicazng: Wanna work in #crypto + #VR?     twitter.com
3d 9h I want to sell my land. Its 26 connected land.    reddit.com
4d 2h Join our friends over at the brand new Voltaire Labs for a presentation on their Plasma research. This Wed at 7pm i…    twitter.com
4d 3h RT @AetheriaProject: Thanks to your feedback, our latest v2 revision of the Aetheria Initial Development Plan is out now:    twitter.com
4d 4h Sell 14 LAND near center for 980 000 MANA (70 000k Each)    reddit.com
4d 17h Surreal District Development    reddit.com
4d 20h Decentraland LAND Manager in dappradar    reddit.com
5d 1h Selling Four Land Surrounded by Road in Prime location near the Genesis Plaza    reddit.com
5d 2h Genesis Plaza    reddit.com
5d 14h Funny Piece Of Land For Sale    reddit.com
5d 14h 7 Connecting parcels for sale    reddit.com
5d 18h 4 connected lands for sale :)    reddit.com
5d 20h FOR SALE ! 4 Parcels LAND(coordinates: 25,-120/25,-119/26,-119/27,-119), Price: 10 000$(2 500$ per Parcel). Payable in ETH, BTC or MANA. Click on link to see the offer, location and examples !    reddit.com
5d 23h 1 land for sale for highest bidder    reddit.com
6d 6h District questions    reddit.com
6d 6h LAND for sale. 10,49. 11,49 - 100k MANA each    reddit.com
6d 11h #MANA #SC #RDD are posed to reach close to $0.50 and $1 in 2018    reddit.com
7d 7h PLANNING TO SELL LAND    reddit.com
7d 13h I want to buy cheap LAND plots    reddit.com

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