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Linx Latest News:

3d 21h how we doing    reddit.com
7d 15h [ANN] Applications For Testing LinX Platform Are Now Open    reddit.com
7d 16h Sign up is now open to apply for beta testing access for the $LINX platform. Just fill out the form here :…    twitter.com
8d 4h Linxcoin gambling platform opinions.    reddit.com
13d 20h RT @iamrobertdobbs: Finally a proper cryptocurrency for the music industry, very excited about Linx and its upcoming platform. Definately w…    twitter.com
16d 14h [ANN] Developer Announcements - February 2018    reddit.com
25d 9h Interested in investing, but PoW ?    reddit.com
28d 10h If anybody is having issues with not receiving the registration email, please try registering with an address that isn't a hotmail, outlook or gmail one, as there seems to be issues with those providers forwarding the message at the moment. Any others sho    twitter.com
28d 15h [ANN] New Linx Mining Pool Released    reddit.com
28d 16h #ANNOUNCEMENT : Our brand new $LINX pool has just been launched at and registrations are o…    twitter.com
28d 16h #ANNOUNCEMENT : Our brand new $LINX pool has just been launched at and registrations are open to everybody! Enjoy :)    twitter.com
29d 9h $LINX wallet update (v1.0.0.5) available now for Mac, PC & Ubuntu. Download it right here :- You can also download the compiled binaries or compile from source from the Linx repo on github.    twitter.com
29d 9h $LINX wallet update (v1.0.0.5) available now for Mac, PC & Ubuntu. Download it right here :-…    twitter.com
29d 11h Linx on Arch Linux?    reddit.com
29d 13h Here's that announcement for the $LINX mining pools again in case anybody missed it - If any pools are having difficulty reconfiguring, please drop us a line and we'll help you out    twitter.com
29d 14h LinX retail partner has chosen the date for LinxPay integration (not released)    reddit.com
29d 17h For the attention of all $LINX mining pools. Please can you read the following announcement : Many thanks, Team Linx    twitter.com
1m 2d 15h Hey miners! The current pool is back online for members only just until we launch the new pool. :)    twitter.com
1m 3d 20h All $LINX mining pools **MUST** read this. It contains critical information that you will need to act upon.     twitter.com
1m 12d 15h [ANN] Developer Announcements - January 2018    reddit.com
1m 13d 5h We are in the dawn of the birth of a star, and we are fortunate to collaborate in this project. Expect the best, the Moon is too little ..    reddit.com
1m 13d 12h LinX Being Discussed on Latest Shitcoin Talk Episode    reddit.com
1m 13d 12h Q1 2018 Roadmap - LinX    reddit.com
1m 13d 13h $LINX Q1 2018pic.twitter.com/JMH1wV4M7d    twitter.com
1m 13d 18h Team continues to work hard. Linx will be amazing! PD: UPDATE LINX WALLET to version!!!    reddit.com
1m 18d 14h $LINX nethash has passed the 1 TH/s mark! A big thank you to all of the miners around the world supporting the network.pic.twitter.com/Ddzmq0Eh1F    twitter.com
1m 18d 22h A warm welcome to all the new $LINXHEADZ here on Twitter from our house to yours!pic.twitter.com/IngzElQ5LW    twitter.com
1m 19d 21h What’s the benefit of having a crypto dedicated to the EDM vertical?    reddit.com
1m 19d 23h Big shout to the team over at @cryptoID_info for rocking this excellent $LINX Block Explorer.     twitter.com
1m 20d 10h Official $LINX Mining Pool is rocking! Get involved at     twitter.com

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