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  • 23 Feb 2018


LIFE (LIFE): Q&A Session  23 Feb 2018  (published 1 month 1 day ago)

LIFE will hosting a live Q&A session on 23rd February, 2018.
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LIFE Latest News:

2h Can't forget about this GEM! Please read before investing.
2h LIFE team looks more and more shady...
2h LIFE travels across the globe, wherever you are, whoever you are! #LIFEtoken #LIFEjourneys #LIFEtravels
2h Increased supply?! Someone explain how this is acceptable to increase supply without no warning, no wallet, no card, no new adopter or announcement following. They raised it 2 billion tokens. This is so shady, can't believe people are falling for this sca
1d 2h More Life
2d 22h Isn't 15Billion coins in circulation a bit much?
3d 13h Great News for Crypto
4d 19h Crypto for everyday LIFE
4d 19h LIFE TEAM
4d 19h LIFE team hard at work. You can't rush perfection.
4d 19h Be your own bank. Crypto for everyday LIFE
4d 19h The future is almost here. Crypto for everyday LIFE
5d 3h LIFE vs FUD. Just give us back your 100 LIFE tokens and fuck off.
5d 23h Proof of progress from behind the scenes!
6d Ask and you shall receive. Life Wallet is in the making!
6d 2h Lifelabs: We're proud to be sponsoring The Hidden Hills Magazine Hootenanny Food, Spirit and Music Festival on 28th April in California, USA With a fantastic line up and supporting a great cause, benefiting @TheHeartFdn. This is just one of
9d why do i have this token?
9d 21h No fud today? Must be because Life is outperforming the rest of the market
10d 7h Stop Acting like a CULT
12d 1h Mazilus is the new Sherlock Holmes......
12d 3h Bitgo partenership NOT EXISTS!!!
12d 4h Dear investors! Hilariously amusing, how this person lives here. Market is in turmoil ATM. Do enjoy the rest of the week! - Walter
12d 4h This person just waits here for a post to attack you?
12d 6h The Market
13d 16h Shitcoin
13d 20h One Life investor is accumulating heavily... "Pachel: If you are waiting for me to sell, then you are simply wasting ur time... I will continue to buy more because I strongly believe in this project."
13d 20h Bottoms
13d 22h Stop with this sell walls.If you have 100 milion sell walls that got buyed by people you should appear here.Another day,another scam exposed.
14d 2h 3sat sell wall was destroyed yesterday
14d 3h This token is fake, meant to take your money.

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