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  • 18 Feb 2018


Kore (KORE): ATM At The Bitcoin Super Conference  18 Feb 2018  (published 8 days ago)

Kore team will have Kore ATM at the Bitcoin Super Conference in Dallas in February 16-18th, 2018.
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Kore Latest News:

3d 10h OSX Wallet update: Sierra and High Sierra are in testing. We may still get a Maverick version out for testing in ne…    twitter.com
29d 6h RT @CryptoCliff: Added Kore Masternode to the Portfolio! Privacy is Freedom via @NewKoreCoin    twitter.com
29d 9h KORE Windows 32 bit Wallet release Update your old KORE 32 bit v0.12.3.9 Windows wallets to this 12.4 version Cheer…    twitter.com
1m 10d 17h 'Shadow bans': Twitter conceals undesirable posts, but user doesn't know about it – Project Veritas "Jr.,...We are in an unholy land"    twitter.com
1m 10d 20h KORE Wallet Update v012.4.0 - Misc fixes and Mods Have an awesome and safe week! #BTC #privacy #Security #investment #alt #altcoin #china #freedom #tor #masternodes #voip #cypherp    twitter.com
1m 12d 13h Anyone from China here? @china #China #greafirewall    twitter.com
1m 13d 22h Hi KORE Community. 2018 will be one exciting year. Smaller update in few days tackling some of the bugs. PoSv3 is flawed. Top coins having similar issues with it. KORE is the most undervalued cyptocurrency investment of them all and we will be stronger fo    twitter.com
2m 7d 8h Hi ALL! A little update: We have been testing KORE Linux build 4 over a week and am on the newest version for last few hours. Windows build is progressing. Silvana and Friends say hello! pic.twitter.com/sSjAMjU9Ek    twitter.com
2m 12d 21h Honest (FCC) Government Ad: Net Neutrality via @YouTube    twitter.com
2m 22d 1h Waited long as I could to see if Wallet dev could come through in time. They have not. I should note they had a death in their Family possibly their only sibling let alone being in Hospital a few times the last few weeks. SEE the full report here: https:    twitter.com
2m 24d 4h Our second test syncing a KORE wallet and then sending KORE behind the great firewall of China was successful. Cheers! MikeMike    twitter.com
2m 24d 12h pic.twitter.com/bgwogYMKCK    twitter.com
2m 24d 12h pic.twitter.com/fvab7MTIH5    twitter.com
2m 24d 12h pic.twitter.com/IEOquA4P6W    twitter.com
2m 24d 12h     twitter.com
2m 24d 12h Silvana Lima takes first spot in heat #3 in MAUI PRO. Watch her live now! MikeMike     twitter.com
3m 3d 4h KORE planned update next Friday and if sooner we will notify the Community ASAP. Apologies for the prolonged delay due to unexpected circumstances and some other PoS anomalies besides the memory leaks found. KORE dealt with most PoS exploits prior to the     twitter.com
3m 8d 14h Awesome! But I wish they waited till we adjusted the difficulty which will drastically increase the Masternodes Rewards. MikeMike    twitter.com
3m 16d "Join The Dots: Data WTF?" "tech elites and financial technology companies in order to make assessments of us. Is all data credit data?" #bigdata #fintech #creditcards #security #privacy #altcoins #btc #mast    twitter.com
3m 16d 11h pic.twitter.com/Mt62ayymNO    twitter.com
3m 16d 11h Some preliminary pictures from the Brazil Conference. MX says lots of people telling us we are "doing it right". KORE Interview with local Bitcoin news outfit. MikeMikepic.twitter.com/WuUafZZCAG    twitter.com
3m 17d 9h KORE Booth setup Brazil One of the best eye catching high resolution graphics booths there #BTC #privacy #Security #investment #altcoins MMpic.twitter.com/WNuP0Ls1P8    twitter.com
3m 18d 2h #AaronSwartz #BTC #privacy #Security #investment #alt #altcoin #btcconference #feedompic.twitter.com/ggEOkPD4Sw    twitter.com
3m 19d 17h KORE Bitcoin Conference Brochures are in hand. MikeMikepic.twitter.com/MiMPpHhdTV    twitter.com
3m 20d 1h KORE #3 #ATM Testing this Company out. Screen is good size. MikeMike #BTC #privacy #Security #investment #alt #altcoin #btcconferencepic.twitter.com/PSokwcpFdA    twitter.com
3m 20d 15h KORE Masternode Setup Guide:     twitter.com
3m 21d 12h New KORE brochure sneak peak. For the Bitcoin Conference... MikeMike pic.twitter.com/e7t0jhnIvV    twitter.com
3m 25d 2h With great pleasure Kore team has released a new wallet for Kore Bitcoin core 12.xx, PoS 3.0, Masternodes. MM     twitter.com

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