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Kin Latest News:

1h If KIN drops below 0.0001$
1h Kin Marketplace - Who said crypto can't be sexy?
1h I'm Ready. Are You?
2h F 23 on kik #reposting
2h Our product designer, Elad gives you a glimpse into the Kin Marketplace:
5h Upcoming Event: Partnership Details - March 31, 2018
6h Kin question to Mr. Ted
7h Kin — Two Blockchains; Analysis of Ted L’s talks, what does this mean for you? - Breaking it down Barney Style!
10h Kin token: Kik plans to use Ethereum for liquidity, Stellar for transactions
10h KIN Foundation mentioned in Coin Insider
12h Ground Control to Major Tom — Kin Updates: Excitement and breaking down the tech lingo for the rest…
12h The next big thing in crypto could be cross platform protocols. Since KIN will have the earliest cross chain coin, why can't we just make kin into a cross chain protocol altogether.
13h Serious KRE Question for Ted and the Kin Team from a developer
14h Watch out for KIN! Not sure if this has been posted yet, but good things are coming...There's something in the air and it smells like KIN!
17h Is Kik putting their money where their mouth is?
18h Kin1 v Kin2
19h Does the SEC rulings have any influence over phase 2
21h SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor describes the potential that blockchain technology has to help track ownership, analytics and revenue for streaming music
23h Google's "white-label" "distributed digital ledger" could be ideal for Kin, depending on its performance and when it's released.
23h Incoming Price Action!? 3rd wallet by no. of kin (88bn kin) just moved 1 bn out(of wich 500mil) are already on etherdelta! Is the Pantera Capital?
1d Our Multi-Year Blockchain Strategy for Kin:
1d 1h Many posts regarding KIN on Stellar's Reddit front page
1d 1h Kin1 and Kin2... this is a bit confusing can someone explain it better?
1d 2h The KIN addiction
1d 4h Busy morning: Bloomberg jumping on board the Kik bandwagon too!
1d 4h Kin article on Coindesk
1d 5h Have you Heard the Stellar News?
1d 5h Possible scam coin entering the adult industry
1d 5h Kin, Stellar & Ethereum: New Info on Our Blockchain Infrastructure
1d 5h Mainstream Kin publicity is beginning!

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